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Have the Daley's Thrown Todd Stroger Overboard?

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That's one of the many questions we'll explore tonight at 7PM on WTTW's "Chicago Tonight".
Joining us will be Cook County Commissioners Gorman, Suffredin, Schneider and Gainer.

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A more appropiate question that should be ask is "Was the Daley's ever truly onboard with Cook County President Mr. Stroger?"

I noticed you mentioned his cousin again. Ms. Dunning no longer work for the County therefore you should not have brought her name up. If you found no mis-mangement of funds her name should never be mentioned again.

It is NOT surprising Mr. Stroger did not appear on the show.

All I want to know is, when Todd Stroger talks, is it true you can see Bill Beavers’ lips move?

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