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February 28, 2009

BY CAROL MARIN Sun-Times Columnist

Shortly after legendary Chicago slickster Edward R. Vrdolyak walked out of federal court Thursday like a cat with 10 lives, my cell phone rang.

It was Grace Slattery, the 70-year-old mother of imprisoned ex-city worker Patrick Slattery.

"I'm looking for someone to explain justice," she said quietly.

Delmarie Cobb, consultant to Senator Roland Burris and Jim Warren, columnist for Huffington Post, will debate the merits of Burris' continued presence in the United States Senate on WTTW's Chicago Tonight at 7PM with Carol Marin.

February 25, 2009


Illinois just cannot catch a break. Tuesday afternoon, just as the nation's eyes were trained on our historic new president preparing to make a historic first address to both houses of Congress -- a lofty moment by any measure -- what the heck happens?

The senior senator from Illinois, Dick Durbin, takes the junior senator from Illinois, Roland Burris, to the woodshed, that's what.

The tentacles of this investigation are intertwined with the probe of former governor Rod Blagojevich. The Sun-Times first broke it on February 12th...and there will be more to come:,CST-NWS-watchdog23.article

February 14, 2009

BY CAROL MARIN Sun-Times Columnist

Brace yourself, fatigued voters of Illinois, more elections are just around the corner.

Consolidated municipal primaries hit Chicago suburbs Feb. 24 in Cicero, Berwyn, Hanover, Thornton and Proviso townships.
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Sun-Times columnist Carol Marin

February 12, 2009

Federal authorities are investigating five construction companies that collectively have gotten hundreds of millions of dollars in construction work at O'Hare Airport under Mayor Daley, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

One question being looked at, sources said, is how the companies landed those city deals.

February 7, 2009

BY CAROL MARIN Sun-Times Columnist

Christopher G. Kelly is a cat on a hot tin roof. He knows a lot about roofs, given that he's a roofing contractor.

He knows about heat, given the federal blast furnace hitting him as one of Rod Blagojevich's best friends, fund-raisers and, craziest of all, gaming consultants.

February 4, 2009

BY CAROL MARIN Sun-Times Columnist

Paul Vallas is ready to run again. "Cook County is broken, and I like fixing things that are broken."

The speed-talking, reform-minded maverick who was CEO of Chicago Public Schools under Mayor Daley, then lost the 2002 gubernatorial primary to Rod Blagojevich by just 25,000 votes, went on to make a national name rescuing school districts in Philadelphia and New Orleans.

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