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Enough Mommy Stuff

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Enough mommy stuff -- focus on issues

September 7, 2008


When in doubt, dumb it down, keep it simple. Yes, I'm talking to you, working men and women, ordinary people, average families, lunch-bucket-lugging, kitchen-table-sitting, paycheck-to-paycheck-struggling small-town patriots and big-city steelworkers.

Did I mention moms? Good grief, I meant to. You, my sisters, are the most important of all.

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I am a mother, sister, daughter of elderly parents and a hard-working, Tax-Paying American. My mental capacity cannot take any more smooth backhand compliments, back talk, jokes and hocus pocus magical reform. What my family and I need are solutions. Solutions that will work in the long run and not some "bandage" approach to the cancer now known as the United States Government. You know it's bad when the government has to step in and take over (Fannie Mae Freddie Mac). So who will save the Government when it has to bail? (Sadly, you already know the answer). Getting a woman on the ticket does not appease me. I am not that simple minded. Stop playing with the intelligence of this great nation's citizens.

I am a woman,mother,veteran, and a union member. I'm also non-partisan, so I do not vote either ticket straight I vote for the person I feel is best for the country,community,family worker,and economy. But I dont understand why when Mccain slip up in his speech at the Republican Convention and said that he fought against Union Bosses who are represting union members(the working class) nobody even commits about it and when Sarah Palin herself makes fun of Senator Obama being an organizer in unions and in the community on workers civil rights as far as jobs and a fare wage, which her husband is surpose to be a UNION MAN. (whats up with that?) Gov Palin should know how important organizing is in unions! ALL this type of politics is not funny or a laughing matter when the country is at war,the economy is horrible,the price of gas and food is out of control and unemployment is on the rise. I just think if the people running for the highest office in the land, Just stick to the issues and respect the AMERICAN PUBLIC by talking about what can they do for the PEOPLE.

You just described most of the folks in this country. And we're all angry about the American flags being thrown out with the trash after Obama's big speech in Denver.

What did you mean by enough of the Mommy stuff?? Half of us out here are Mommies. Did you say enough of the Daddy stuff when Barack's little girls were in the staged appearance talking to him on screen? That was pure Daddy stuff. Don't get me wrong, I thought it was very sweet and enjoyed seeing the children...after all, I'm a Mommy.

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