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Two great people in journalism are the most normal of people.
David Broder, the dean of Washington journalism and the Washington Post, was standing in line at the hot dog stand here in Denver.  No entourage for him.  And then sat on the grass in the shade as we talked about his Illinois roots, writing for the Bloomington Pantagraph before going to the big time.  Recently, he and Ab Mikva, Dawn Clark Netsch, John Anderson and other longtime political hands met at Adlai Stevenson's farm to talk about conventions past.  What a sight that must have been.
Harry Smith, anchor of the CBS Morning News, is a child of Lansing, Illinois.  Ran into him on the convention floor and talked about his blue collar parents teaching him the news business the old fashioned way, by reading newspapers and learning to love them at a young age.
Who knew, he said, that that preparation would lead to a career where you got to be on the front lines as the news was being made?  Who knew!

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