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Just curious: I f you were head football coach at a D-1 school, what would your work mindset be? Would you be perusing the emails and ``help wanted'' posts even as you were smiling and telling the local fans how happy you were right here in Paducahville?
Or would you be true blue, honoring your contract, putting down roots, meaning what you said about this being your ``dream job''? I wonder. Fellows like Nick Saban and Urban Meyer, and it's looking like Brian Kelly, always need to be moving on, sometimes ahead of the posse, sometimes right with it. Makes sense, when there is ever more money somewhere else, plus more prestige, power, perks, golden rings of the type Gollum followed to the fires of Mordor to retrieve.
But you know the home place that loves you so much will likely fire you soon. Just stop winning--or winning enough--and away we go! The mercenary part goes both ways. Boosters are born restless.
But if you're not like those guys, 5he Leaving' Larrys--oh yeah, Bobby Petrino comes to mind, as does Tommy Tuberville--would you be somebody like Joe Paterno (before the scandal and before he died), staying in one spot, in a peaceful realm, forever? I think about Pat Fitzgerald at Northwestern now. Once a baby coach, just 31, he is now approaching a decade as the head man at NU, and you know he must get offers to go to ``big-time'' programs every day. But he's got a young family, he likes where he is and the success he has had, and for now it seems he's glued to Evanston. He turns all those offers down. For now.
How long can any coach hold out? How long could you?


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