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Olympics Errors, Omissions, Corrections And What Have You

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We're winding it down at the Olympics, so let's get it right:

1. Matt Grevers mother's first name is spelled Anja, not Anje as I spelled it in my column about the big guy from Lake Forest and his gold medal and Olympic record in the 100-meter backstroke. For what it's worth, Matt might be about the nicest elite athlete you're ever going to meet. He led off Michael Phelps' last race ever--the 400 medley relay--and took the lead.

2. Jessica Ennis, the British heptathlon champion, is 26, not 19, as I wrote. Where I got 19 from, I have no clue. I might have been thinking of Michael Phelps eight years ago, but I think not. Ennis, nicknamed ``Tadpole'' by her teammates, because she's all of 5-5 and almost skinny, is an astounding athlete. World class in the hurdles, she manages to throw the shot and run the 800 meters, and all the other stuff, like a champ. Another terrific role model.

3. The water Friday in the men's 10-K swimming marathon at the Hyde Park lagoon called the Serpentine was 70 degrees at one end and 70.5 degrees at the other. That was the race I wrote about because American Alex Meyer was in it (he finished 10th), and he has been active in trying to get better rules made regarding water quality and temperature in these distance events that are swum outdoors all over the world. Two years ago his good friend and world-class teammate Fran Crippen drowned while swimming with Meyer in an event in 84 degree salt water.
I forgot to include the temperature at Hyde Park in my story. Seventy degrees is cool, but the swimmers wore partial wetsuits and were fine. However, there's nothing much they can do to keep their thermostats in order in water as hot as 84 degrees.

4. Stacy Loukas and her two brothers, the children of George and Patty Loukas,and the siblings of Christina Loukas, the U.S. 3-meter springboard diver, do not manage and work at the Cubby Bear in Chicago. They run both it and the Wrigley rooftops owned by father George. Patty herself gave me that update.
By the way, Christina is a former U.S. national diving champion. Her eighth-place finish was disappointing to her, but she is a two-time Olympian, and she was magnificent to watch.

5. Loukas's diving coat is Kenny Armstrong from the University of Texas, not Kenny Anderson. My bad. A typing brain lock.

6. The water quality at the Serpentine did not make the Chicago River look like a park pool, as I wrote. I may have overstated my repulsion. It made the Chicago River look like a Wisconsin lake.

That's it, until I have more.

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