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They say it's your birthday

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LONDON -- A guy walks into a bar with a carrot cake.

"What's the carrot cake for?'' my friend asks him.

"It's my birthday,'' he says.


"Want to see something weird?'' I say.

I take out my wallet and show him my driver's license. It's my birthday, too. July 29.

He smiles.

"Want to know something weirder?'' he says. "I was born the same year.''

We agree it's a very strange place, this Planet Earth.

His name is Dan Helms, and he's the managing editor for U.S. Presswire, which provides photos for media companies around the world. His Olympic co-workers had given the birthday boy a cake. Sun-Times, where are you? Telander?

Here's a photo of me and Helms (on right) toasting ourselves Sunday night in the press center bar. The photographer apparently was listing to his right by this point:


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