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LONDON -- Here's a thought I haven't been able to shake since my first Summer Olympics in 1992: What's to stop a spectator from jumping into the pool while a gold medal is up for grabs?

I know, I should be thinking deeper thoughts. But how many times have we seen a drunken guy (and it's always a drunken guy) run onto the field during a baseball or football game? And how many times have we seen that drunken guy elude his would-be captors with some nifty moves? Eventually, security guards tackle him, making sure he feels their full weight and the hardness of the ground.

I have this image of Michael Phelps going for gold Tuesday night in the 200-meter butterfly and a sloshed Sven from Sweden doing a cannonball at about the 30-meter mark. There are lots of waves because Sven shops in the husky section of the department store in Stockholm. Actually, clothes don't matter because Sven isn't wearing any. He is a literal streaker.

Who goes in after him? Pool guards with whistles, red swim trunks and white zinc oxide on their noses? Cops? Other swimmers? And how long would the race have to be postponed? This is the kind of intellectual curiosity you've come to expect from me.

I did a Google search and couldn't find an instance of a spectator jumping in a pool during a competition. If if happens here, will I be to blame? It's really not how I want to make a splash.

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