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Roy & Harv Schmidt: February 2009 Archives

These Teams Will Be Playing In Peoria

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By Roy & Harv Schmidt

While others will waste their time and try to look bigger than life at an event that has become relatively insignificant and meaningless (otherwise known as the Chicago Public League playoffs), we have decided to concentrate on more important matters--the Illinois state tournament to be exact. The regional and sectional pairings are out, and it is now time for us to make our predictions on those teams that we believe will advance to the state finals in Peoria in both the Class 3A and 4A ranks.

By Roy and Harv Schmidt

Over the past several years, Illinois high school basketball coaches have lost a tremendous amount of influence over the recruitment of their top players. While we are not going to debate the merits of those who do have influence, this blog is going to offer an in-depth analysis of what this declining influence means to college coaches, parents, and the prospects themselves within the recruiting environment.

Seeding the IHSA State Tournaments A Most Difficult Task

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By Roy and Harv Schmidt Now that the Illinois High School Association has gone to four classes for its boys basketball state tournaments, seeding those tournaments has become that more difficult. Looking into our crystal ball, we decided to provide our own seedings which hopefully reduce the problems the IHSA will run into with geographical rivalries, analysis of strength of schedules, and a host of other issues that often make the seedings meetings a most political process. Consequently, and without further adieu, Illinois Prep Bullseye provides our seedings for most of the top Class 4A and Class 3A sectionals, and offers some other news on happenings around the State of Illinois pertaining to high school basketball and recruiting.



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