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By Roy & Harv Schmidt

The trend continues with respect to prospects from the state of Illinois opting to head for prep school in lieu of staying in high school for their senior season. The latest to exercise this option is Nik Garcia, who will be attending a North Carolina prep school as opposed to transferring to Evanston Township High School as many thought he would. It also means that Garcia could be ready to close out his recruitment as well. Illinois Prep Bulls-eye has all of the particulars in this blog.

Bulls-Eye's End Of Summer Awards

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By Roy & Harv Schmidt

After an exhausting month of July in which we watched and evaluated Illinois high school basketball prospects at events throughout the country, the votes are finally in and it is time to hand out our End Of Summer Awards. In this blog we break down the winners in several different categories, letting everyone know who we considered to be the cream of the crop during the all-important summer evaluation period.

Illinois State Recruiting Roll Continues

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By Roy & Harv Schmidt

We told everyone just a couple of days ago that Illinois State head coach Tim Jankovich and his assistants were not done when it came to recruiting prospects from the class of 2009 and sure enough we were right on the money. The Redbirds capped off an absolutely stellar recruiting week by receiving their fourth commitment from the class in the form of a tall and athletic wing from Chicago. Illinois Prep Bulls-eye fills everyone in with the particulars in this blog.

Northern Iowa Lands Chicago Area Combo Guard

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By Roy & Harv Schmidt

There is no question that the University of Northern Iowa coaching staff continues to do an outstanding job when it comes to recruiting prospects from the Chicago area, especially from the Illinois Wolves traveling team. This is evidenced by the fact that today Panther head coach Ben Jacobson secured a commitment from a talented combo guard who plays for the Wolves. Illinois Prep Bulls-eye has more in this blog.

By Roy & Harv Schmidt

Illinois State head coach Tim Jankovich landed an outstanding inaugural recruiting class for 2008 and is now on the verge of turning in another banner one in the class of 2009. The Redbirds picked up their third commitment from that class tonight in the form of a high scoring point guard from Chicago. Illinois Prep Bulls-eye has further details in this blog.

Analysis And Commentary: D.J. Richardson

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By Roy & Harv Schmidt

Other analysts have already hinted that D.J. Richardson's decision to leave Peoria Central for Findlay Prep in Nevada makes for another dark day with respect to Illinois high school basketball. However, we will take it a step further and as is often the case say what others are afraid to say--we think it is yet another classic example of why the NCAA needs to implement further academic reform. In this blog, not only do we tell you why we say that, but we also outline a proposal that we think could go a long way in this regard.

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Illini Basketball Recruiting: The Best Is Yet To Come

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There are several factors which can account for the University Of Illinois' remarkable string of success with respect to basketball recruiting over the last year and a half. They include a more aggressive approach and philosophy, the addition of Jerrance Howard to the coaching staff, the building of stronger relationships with promiment AAU and high school coaches within the state of Illinois, and a lot more. However, despite now securing four commitments from the class of 2009 and three from the class of 2010, we think that this is only just the beginning. The class of 2011 in Illinois has a chance to go down as one of the best in recent memory. When one considers that the Illini are involved with several of the top prospects in that class and currently stand a more than reasonable chance with more than a few of them, it has to give any Illini basketball fans goose bumps with respect to what could potentially loom on the horizon.

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