Kyle Rowley's Dilemma Is Not Entirely Academic

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By Roy & Harv Schmidt

Lake Forest Academy's Kyle Rowley, who is one of the top post players in the state from the class of 2009, finds himself in a can't lose situation. He is currently faced with the possibility of graduating from Lake Forest Academy this spring and thus becoming a 2008 recruit, or waiting another year and remaining as a 2009 prospect, knowing that in doing so increased scholarship offers are almost sure to come his way. We will give everybody one guess as to which direction Rowley is leaning in.

At this time of year, many unsigned or uncommitted recruits are worried first and foremost about improving their grades in order to meet NCAA qualifying standards in order to be eligible as a college freshman. But not Rowley. He is an elite student and has already earned enough credits to be on pace to graduate from Lake Forest Academy in the spring.

There is just one problem. Rowley wants to be able to play college basketball at the highest possible level. With that in mind, he realizes that it could be even more advantageous to be recruited as a 2009 prospect as opposed to 2008. It is certainly an interesting dilemma. However, when looking at it from a recruiting angle, we believe that the decision isn't really all that difficult.

First of all, let's describe Rowley's game. Contrary to what has been published in other circles, Rowley is not 7'0. He is 6'10, maybe 6'11. However, at 265 pounds, it doesn't matter--he is an absolute manchild. Rowley has good hands, runs the floor, and is virtually impossible to move in the low post, which is why he is a consistent scorer in the paint when he gets the ball in that area. The argument can be made that Rowley is not totally refined offensively, yet anyone who watches him can see the enormous up side that he possesses.

Secondly, Rowley's recruiting stock has begun to soar. Marquette recently came forward with a scholarship offer to go along with offers from Wisconsin, Northwestern, Southern Illinois, Baylor and Davidson. A number of other big-timers, including Georgetown, Kentucky, Illinois, Notre Dame and Purdue have continued to monitor him on a regular basis. By staying a 2009 recruit and competing again on the AAU circuit this spring and summer with Full Package Athletics, where he is sure to be seen by even more college programs, there is no question that he will come away with more recruiting options than ever.

Nate Pomeday, who is an assistant coach at Lake Forest Academy and has also coached Rowley on the 16-under Full Package squad, said it very well recently when he told us that Rowley could easily graduate this spring and be a 2008 recruit, but why do that and limit your recruiting opportunities as opposed to waiting another year, knowing that your stock could go through the roof? On that note alone, it sounds like Rowley's decision has already been made. In fact, from a basketball standpoint, we think that it is a no-brainer.

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I know Kyle, he has great potential, if he choses to be a 2008 prospect, thats a big mistake..a mistake in which i dont think he will make

If his goal is to play at the highest level, then he already has offers to play in the Big Ten. Like Greg Oden, he could develop and showcase NBA talent in the B10.

He should go to Northwestern and start playing college ball this fall. With NBA scouts across the country getting the Big Ten network, every one of his games would be televised directly to his core audience. Leading Northwestern to the tourney (they have a lot of talent coming in) would be a BIG national story.

Play for the Cats, Kyle!

Does Nate actually believe Kyle will develop more at Lake Forest next year than in the Big Ten?

Roy & Harv Respond:

We can't answer for Nate but we can answer for ourselves. We believe that Kyle Rowley would develop more at Lake Forest Academy and by continuing to play on the traveling team circuit this spring and summer as opposed to immediately heading to the Big Ten or anywhere else to play college basketball next season. However, that isn't even the point with respect to the main reason why Rowley will remain at LFA next year. It is all about recruiting, and the bottom line is that Rowley stands a far better chance of being recruited by a greater number of high majors and receiving more scholarship offers by projecting as a 2009 recruit. That way, more college coaches will get the opportunity to see him play this spring and summer, and thus there is a strong likelihood that he will expand his recruiting options.

How old is Rowley?

Roy & Harv Respond:

We believe that Rowley is 17 although we may need to check that just to make sure.

Apparently, Kyle Rowley's recruitment is over. He has committed to play his college ball at Northwestern.

With the commitments of Nick Freundt, John Shurna, Luka Mirkovic (snagged last week from Louisville, Marquette, and IU amongst others), and Michigan sleeper Adam Curletti, it appears that the Wildcats are primed to make their first run into the NCAA tourney. Rowley being the man in the middle to be a part of that could be a big national story (see 1995 Run for the Roses in football, though maybe bigger, because hoops has been even more of a black hole for NU than football ever was).

The only question is whether Rowley will stay at LFA in 2008 or forgo the extra prep year now that his recruiting is over. I don't think NU has any scholarships left for this fall, but perhaps, Bill Carmody has something up his sleeve.


Roy & Harv Respond:

Kyle Rowley will reclassify and be a class of 2008 recruit. We have done a commitment story both on our blog as well as our web site located at Great get for Northwestern!

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