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Ryan Hare Decommits--Is Back On Board

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By Roy & Harv Schmidt

We knew that the controversy centering around the dismissal of Lamont Bryant as head coach at Marshall was taking its toll on Ryan Hare with respect to his immediate future on the court, but it appears as if it has now affected Hare's recruitment as well, as today he decided to open his recruitment back up.

Hare, the 6'4 forward from Marshall High School in Chicago has decommitted from Oregon State University and as a result has reopened his recruitment.

As a result of his decommitment, Hare now undoubtedly becomes the best available prospect out of Illinois from the class of 2008. Hare's decision comes on the verge of a pending lawsuit involving Lamont Bryant, who was recently fired as the head coach basketball coach at Marshall. There is no question that Bryant's situation greatly influenced Hare with respect to deciding to decommit.

Hare becomes the second player from Marshall to renege on a commitment in the past three years. Two years ago, Patrick Beverley made an early commitment to the University Of Toledo before deciding to ultimately sign with the University Of Arkansas upon the completion of his senior season at Marshall.

On a sidenote, Hare and the entire Marshall team showed up today for the first day of basketball practice, thus indicating to us that they will not boycott the season (as previously hinted at) and will play for new coach Courtney Hargrays.

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How a grown Man (Lamont Bryant) take advantage of those inocent kids for his own benifit!!!

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