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Bloom Squad Features Two Hidden Gems

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By Roy & Harv Schmidt

Most top-tier high school basketball teams usually have at least one player who is a relative unknown in recruiting circles, one who has been under the radar but more often than not is instrumental in helping his team win games. This season's varsity boy's basketball team at Bloom Township High School, however, is blessed with two such players, "hidden gems" if you will. History has shown that these are often the type of players that can propel a team to huge success in the state tournament, which is why opponents could be quite leery about facing a team such as Bloom when March Madness rolls around.

Gap Between D1 and D2 Is Narrowing

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By Roy & Harv Schmidt

When Grand Valley State and Findlay, a couple of Division 2 schools, recently emerged victorious in exhibition contests against Big Ten powers Michigan State and Ohio State respectively, it confirmed something that we have suspected for quite some time. Simply put, the talent level between Division 1 and Division 2 schools is closing rapidly. This could have a most positive impact on the future of basketball at the small college level and could pay huge dividends in terms of exposure and recruiting success.

Ryan Hare Decommits--Is Back On Board

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By Roy & Harv Schmidt

We knew that the controversy centering around the dismissal of Lamont Bryant as head coach at Marshall was taking its toll on Ryan Hare with respect to his immediate future on the court, but it appears as if it has now affected Hare's recruitment as well, as today he decided to open his recruitment back up.

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