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Jereme Richmond: Don't jump to conclusions. Yet.

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What's up with Jereme Richmond?
Big Ten Network announcer Jim Jackson entered the fray Saturday, first tweeting that there was a rumor Richmond may transfer, then quickly retracting that.
What Jackson was thinking--or not thinking--who knows? But he didn't exactly exercise good judgment--especially for a media personality.
After Richmond did not play at Wisconsin Saturday, Illini coach Bruce Weber said Richmond sat because he hadn't practiced Thursday and Friday, having left the team to attend to a personal family matter. Weber said Richmond, who was on the bench, is expected to resume practicing Sunday and play against Michigan State on Tuesday.
There seems to be something going on--or maybe something that was going on has been resolved. But what it is--or what it was--is unclear.
Whether the problem is over and done with remains to be seen. Richmond is a sharp, articulate young man as well as a talented ballplayer. But his high-school career had its share of controversies and brush fires.
So it's a situation that bears watching. And watch it, we will. Closely.
Here's Jackson's initial tweet: ``Illini fans may not want 2 hear this, but rumor has it the frosh jereme richmond may transfer. He supposedly didn't travel w/ team 2 Wisco.''
And here's his untweet: ``I will re-tract my earlier comment about jereme richmonds possible transfer, jumped the gun 2 soon, apologies 2 all illini fans!!!!''

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