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President Obama's NCAA bracket has lot in common with Sun-Times' bracket

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I know the White House has a subscription to the Sun-Times, so I'd like to think President Obama saw my picks. I know I saw his--and we agree on many things:
* We agree on three of the Final Four, including Kansas over Kentucky in the title game and VIllanova coming out of the South. His fourth Final Four team is Kansas State; I have Pitt.
* We also agree on how deep four of the five Big Ten teams will go: Michigan State, Ohio State and Wisconsin to the Sweet 16, with Purdue one and done. I have No. 11 Minnesota winning their opener vs. Xavie; he has the Gophers one and done.
* We also agree on a number of early upsets, including No. 13 Murray State over No. 4 Vanderbilt, No. 12 Cornell over No. 5 Temple, and No. 10 Missouri over No. 7 Clemson. In the second round, we both see No. 6 Marquette over No. 3 New Mexico.
Well done, Mr. President. And good luck.

The President and I have one other basketball link in common. I used to play some pickup hoops with his adviser, David Axelrod, who was a very solid player. Not the quickest guy on the floor, but good mid-range jumper, good defensive positioning and rebounding. And unlike many players in that game, he would pass if the shot wasn't there. A good trait to have in Washington, especially when Rahm Emanuel is on your team.
And good luck, Mr. President, with that politically-correct women's bracket. Being a narrow hoops expert, I would be of no help in that area--or the NBA playoffs, for that matter. But I do have some suggestions for health-care reform that would be welcomed on both sides of the aisle, and would, if handled properly, ease the burden on the American taxpayer while reducing the cost of health care and extending coverage to all in need. It's so simple, I can't believe nobody else has thought of it. If you're interested, drop me an e-mail and I'll shoot it over to you.

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I deserve a medal for picking better than the president. The four teams I said would not make the final four are gone. I picked two that remain but Syracuse did me in.And hey, Art, take a dep breath and recognize that, if anyone deserves a chance to take his minds off the problems and challenges he faces, it's President Obama. Thinking he does not have his priorities straight is simply silly. Without occasional diversions, we would all go crazy, and surely that is multiplied tenfold for people with the responsibilities the President has.

I'm glad the President has time to fill out a bracket...since our country is in such great shape! Good job Mr. President to have your priorities in order:(

Yesterday took care of the Kansas pick; who gets dumped today? I actually figured Pitt and Kentuckey would win today. However, they are gone after the next round.

I think you are both wrong about the final four. Neither Kansas, nor Kentuckey, nor Pitt, nor Kansas State will make the final four.Good calls on Murray State and Cornell.

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