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Jeff Jordan leaves basketball program

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Michael Jordan's son Jeff, who had been expected to play a solid role as a junior at Illinois next season, has decided to leave the basketball program to concentrate on his academics, the school announced Wednesday.
``I loved playing for the Fighting Illini and appreciate the support I was given by my teammates, coaches and the great fans here,'' Jordan said. ``But I have come to the point where I'm ready to focus on life after basketball. I will concentrate on earning my degree from the University of Illinois and the opportunities that await upon graduating.''
Jordan, who was given a scholarship last semester after being a walk-on, had been expected to inherit the defense-perimeter role held by Chester Frazier, who finished his career this spring. Whether as a starter or a key reserve, he figured to play a lot of minutes and be a leader for a promising that will add four freshmen to a nucleus that will return four other juniors.
 Jordan averaged 8.4 minutes as a sophomore after playing 5.3 minutes as a freshman. He had 58 points, 42 assists and 24 rebounds in his 59-game Illinois career.
``Jeff was an invaluable member of our team the past two seasons and I thank him for his contribution to our program,'' coach Bruce Weber said. ``He brought great work ethic to the gym and pushed himself, as well as his teammates, each and every day to improve. We will miss him, but we fully support the decision he has made. When the game of basketball has been a top priority throughout your life, it is very difficult to transition away from playing. I know Jeff has given this much thought. He is an outstanding, mature young man who will be successful in whatever areas he pursues in the future.''


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walk-on? 58 points in 59 games..being the son of the greatest basketball player of our time..yahhh i would focus on my studies too...oh yah, I'm sure being Michael Jordan's son attending school in Illinois had nothing to do with his scholarship..come on your eyes..

jeff jordan earned the scholarship, it didn't matter who his parents were, if you don't think that rich youngsters go to school free, then go check out the ivy league, very competitive for scholarships and these are trustfund babies!


FYI, JEff was given a scholarship half way through last season in January because:

1. He earned it through his hard work
2. Bruce Weber had a 1/2 year scholarship that was unused in Jan 09.

Jeff was not on track to be offered a scholarship this fall.

why does Michael Jordon's son need a scholorship? There is a lot of kids that can play ball and can't afford college. The reason he got it was his name. Just because his father was great, doesnn't mean he will be

I think he made a sound decision to focus on his school work. He is a bit different from most of the other athletes with the respect that he has nothing to prove or accomplish in basketball. Most athletes who choose sports as a career did it with the dream of one day being famous, being the greatest or being able to bring their family out of poverty level. Having one of the greatests dad's in the game. His family's name will live on in this game of basketball with or without him. He sounds to be a extraordinary gentleman who sees more for himself and is going after it just as he was taught to do by his parents. He has decided to start his own legacy.

God bless,

Wanda Johnson
National Academy of Sports
Tampa, Fla.

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