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New Illinois-NU trophy to be chosen

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You may recall that Illinois and Northwestern have agreed to bury the hatchet--well, the Sweet Sioux tomahawk. Their politically incorrect trophy will be replaced by a new trophy, and Illinois is seeking the input of supporters from both schools on the decision.
Suggestions are being taken at .

Here's mine: I would call the trophy ``the Governor's Till.'' It would be a treasure chest with a hand dipping in and clutching doubloons--a tribute to our many notorious state leaders from both sides of the aisle who have run afoul of the law.
But since that's not going to happen, I suggest you visit the website and make your own suggestions, or vote for one of the four ideas at the site. The Land of Lincoln  Trophy and President's Trophy both look like good choices.
Suggestions will be accepted until April 15. Sorry for not posting this sooner, but that darned Final Four was occupying my time.

Here's an announcement from the University of Illinois explaining the process. . .

``Illinois and Northwestern Working Together to Establish New Football Series
The University of Illinois and Northwestern University are collaborating to
establish a new trophy for the winner of the football game between the two
institutions. The Sweet Sioux Tomahawk Trophy, which went to the winner of
the Illinois-Northwestern football game from 1945-2008, was retired
following the 2008 contest and both schools have agreed to play for a new
trophy beginning in 2009.
``Northwestern and Illinois are looking at a very unique opportunity to
establish a traditional series trophy that will last for generations,'' said
Illinois Director of Athletics Ron Guenther. ``As the only two Big Ten
institutions in the state of Illinois, our game attracts a great amount of
attention, which only adds to the pageantry of the trophy. We're hopeful our
players, coaches and fans will continue to view this game as a very special
tradition in college football.''
Both institutions are asking their fans for feedback on the new trophy by
participating in an online poll on each of the school's athletics web sites.
Four possible ideas, along with the opportunity to offer an alternative,
will be provided until April 15. The schools expect to announce the new
trophy around each of their spring football games on April 25.

Four possible suggestions for the new series trophy include the following:
* The Land of Lincoln Trophy - A replica of Lincoln's stove pipe
hat mounted on a piece of White Oak (Illinois' state tree).
* President's Trophy - Recognizing the four presidents associated
with the state of Illinois - Lincoln, Grant, Reagan and Obama.
* The Popcorn Bowl, named after the Illinois state snack.
* Graham-Grange Fire Bell (original series trophy started in
1941 was a fire bell) named after two of the greatest players at each school, Otto Graham of Northwestern and Red Grange of Illinois.

The website for fans to vote is: ''

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an authenic mascot--a drunken indian standing in front of a gambling casino.

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