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ACC/Big Ten near miss

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The Big Ten kept its record of futility at a perfect 0-10 in this year's ACC/Big Ten Challenge. But the six-games-to-five loss at least was close enough that the Big Ten won't be subjected to the disrespect it has experienced in the more lopsided years. That's of little consolation to Illinois, which led Clemson by eight at halftime before losing 76-74. ``It's disappointing,'' Illini coach Bruce Weber said. ``We had our chance. We could have made the difference. We had a winnable home game.''

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I'm a disappointed Illini fan. We can say that they would have won with Alex Legion. That's probably true, but the McCamey-Weber clashes are scary and Tisdale showed we can't count on him against the big boys. Still, when you play a lot of close games, you can't win them all. Weber seems to be doing a good job and Davis is a monster They will probably be better than expected in the Big Ten, and there is major talent on the horizon, starting with Legion. He should take so much pressure off eveyone else. It will be up to them to take advantage of it.

As for the Big Ten/ACC, it seems that the ACC best is better than the Big Ten best and Indiana is the worst in either league, no surprises there. Aside from that, they matched up well and that's good for the Big Ten. Better seeds in the dance almost always mean more success. It's never too early to think about that.

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