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Illini lineup changes?

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Ron Zook remained coy Tuesday about possible lineup changes for Saturday's game against Iowa, again saying, ``If I make changes, you're not going to know until Saturday.'' The best guess is that there will be some minor moves, but nothing momentous. Who starts isn't all that important, and who gets more playing time often is determined by how people are playing on a given day.
If there are some moves, they're likely to be done with an eye toward pumping up the team psychogically. And middle linebacker Brit Miller thinks that would be a good idea.
``You never know what's going to spark a team,'' he said. ``Right now, we're playing a brand of ball that I view as mediocre. We haven't played to our potential. We need to find a way to rise up, and sometimes. something as little as a personnel change, or the way we practice, could change something. We're at a point where we'll probably try some things like that. That's fine. there a lot of deserving guys on this team. The people that do play will be the guys that deserve it, the guys who work hard all week.''

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