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Joe Henricksen: May 2008 Archives

Abrams at top of 2011 class

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By Joe Henricksen

You tend to forget he's just a freshman in high school. Mount Carmel's Tracy Abrams opened eyes in March with scintillating performances in state tournament play. Now he has people drooling. And when you combine these three elements -- raw talent, unlimited potential and current productivity -- he's really unmatched and the best of a ridiculously loaded Class of 2011.

Why ranking junior high kids is ludicrous

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By Joe Henricksen

I am personally not a fan of publicly hyping or being quoted on the future of 6th, 7th and 8th grade basketball prospects. It's been the rare occasion when I have, most recently so in regard to Thomas Hamilton, Jr., a talented 7th grader with the talent, size and bloodlines that peaks people's interest. But the trend of actually ranking junior high players makes no sense.

Q, Corey and Frankie .... a look back

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By Joe Henricksen

As the Class of 2008 graduates this spring, the City/Suburban Hoops Report takes a look back at the 10-year anniversary of arguably the best and deepest high school basketball class the state of Illinois has ever produced. The class had it all with true difference-makers at the top, size, superior depth and future NBA first-round picks.

By Joe Henricksen

Forget the 8-22 record of last year for a moment. Forget the fact Northwestern went just 1-15 in the Big Ten a year ago and are a combined 3-29 in league play over the past two years. Believe it or not, strides have been made in Evanston despite the recent results. But has the program, which has struggled so mightily in recruiting and falling short in luring top Illinois prospects, turned the corner in the recruiting game?

Exposure has its advantages for many

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By Joe Henricksen

Whether it's college coaches watching one weekend or talent evaluators/recruiting gurus watching the next, all eyes are on high school basketball players in the exposure events played throughout the spring and summer. There is no question that there can be too much stock put into a weekend's performance, especially when it comes to national talent evaluators. Nonetheless, reputations are built, scholarships offers are made and stock can fall -- fairly or unfairly -- for prep players in these events.

Offers will be coming their way

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By Joe Henricksen

There are a pair of hard-nosed, productive players who come to play every day and are players you win with in the Class of 2009 in Illinois that have had solid springs, yet are sitting with one scholarship offer between them. Have no fear, D.J. Cooper and Conrad Krutwig, the offers will be coming.

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