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Joe Henricksen: April 2008 Archives

National evaluators have their purpose

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By Joe Henricksen

When it comes to evaluating and ranking high school players, I sometimes find it difficult to truly rely on the national talent evaluators. I have just seen too many discrepancies when it comes to Illinois prep players over the years, the players the Hoops Report focuses on 12 months a year.

Top coach stepping down not a big surprise

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By Joe Henricksen

It was just three years ago when New Trier coach Rick Malnati was included in a City/Suburban Hoops Report issue as one of the five top coaches in Illinois prep basketball. And it was just a few months ago when as part of a "Best Of" issue in the Hoops Report, Malnati was singled out as the Best Coach. Now he's no longer the head coach at New Trier following his resignation after 12 years at the Winnetka school.

Class of 2011 truly one to watch

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By Joe Henricksen

It's too bad every class that enters high school these days is hyped to the extreme by so many people, because when a truly talented one actually does come through it might not stand out or be adored and appreciated as much as it should. In recent years it's been rather ridiculous the accolades bestowed on these young players simply because they are, well, young.

Flash's event puts talent on display

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By Joe Henricksen

Flash's Spring Hoops Review featured a bevy of individual talent on display, which included several of the top players in the Class of 2009 and went as far down as getting an early look at some of the better 8th graders in the state that traveled to the campus of Illinois Wesleyan on Sunday.

EIU lands late bloomer Granger

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By Joe Henricksen

Eastern Illinois coach Mike Miller continues to take steps in rebuilding the basketball program in Charleston. Earlier today the Panthers received a verbal commitment from Elgin's Jeremy Granger. The 6-1 point guard will sign officially next Wednesday.

Fifty to watch in '08-'09

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By Joe Henricksen

Prep basketball fans in Illinois have plenty to look forward to in coming years, thanks to the abundance of young, individual talent in the current sophomore and freshmen classes in the state. College coaches around the country have certainly taken an early notice of these young prospects in Illinois. And now even the juniors -- the players in the Class of 2009 -- have blossomed into what looks to be a very solid class.

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