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York, Toohey impress at Riverside-Brookfield

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It's just summer but Vince Doran may have the springboard needed to jump-start his team and program as he heads into his second year as head coach at York.

Although there may be an asterisk next to the 2013 Riverside-Brookfield Shootout champion, York claimed the title of the 11th annual event behind Class of 2014 big man Frank Toohey leading the way.

After going 3-0 in pool play, York rolled through the first-place bracket in tournament action, knocking off Zion-Benton in overtime, edging Loyola Academy 43-41 and picking up a forfeit win over Morgan Park in the title game.

With York leading 18-12 with five minutes remaining in the first half, Morgan Park decided to leave the gym and did not return to play. Thus, York was granted the title.

Although York lost Colorado State-bound David Cohn to graduation, York looks to have the pieces -- six of the top eight players return from a 22-win team -- to be a contender, if not the favorite, in the West Suburban Silver this season.

Doran admitted his team has a long way to go -- as any team does at this point on the calendar -- but he couldn't help but take several positives out of his team's performance at R-B.

"It's a confidence builder for the kids, especially when you lose a kid like David Cohn," Doran pointed out. "You can preach to them what they are capable of, but you still want to see results."

The Dukes have a centerpiece to build around in Toohey, a 6-7 three-year varsity veteran who was named MVP of the Riverside-Brookfield Shootout.

It was Toohey who scored a game-high 22 points to help lead York to a regional title game victory over Bartlett this past March. Look for Toohey to significantly improve on his junior year numbers of 8.3 points and 6.8 rebounds a game.

With Toohey, however, it's more than the numbers. He's a versatile, blue-collar big. Toohey has a rugged side to him, will rebound, step out and knock a three-pointer down, make a nifty pass from the high post and do the dirty work. As a junior he took 13 charges.

"He's a bruiser who likes to play physical and has skill," says Doran of Toohey, who put together a solid spring with the Illinois Wolves on the club circuit. "He leads by example, competes and doesn't back down from anyone."

And that includes Curie's Cliff Alexander. While it was a valiant team effort in trying to contain one of the nation's elite in a Saturday matchup, Toohey was physical and went after it in his head-to-head battle with the impressive Alexander.

Throw in a 31 ACT score and Toohey should be on the radar of every Ivy League and Patriot League school.

In addition to Toohey, York returns Charlie Rose, a 6-3 senior guard who played a big role a year ago for the Dukes. Rose is a sharpshooter from the perimeter who impressed this past weekend at R-B.
But an added ingredient for Doran and York is Emmett McCoy, a 6-5 senior who sat out last season to concentrate solely on football. McCoy, a Division I football prospect, played his freshman and sophomore years and has returned to the basketball program for his senior year.

"He plays with such aggressiveness," says Doran. "I love coaching football players. He makes a big difference for us and will be a big asset."

The Hoops Report will have more from the Riverside-Brookfield Shootout throughout the week.

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It's unfortunate that Nick Irvin pulled his team before halftime of the championship because he didn't like a ref's call or explanation of a call. It puts a sour note on a very well run tournament by the RB people. It was obvious that a lot of work was put in by the organizers to provide such a nice summer league tournament environment. Nick's kids play hard, but he did a disservice to their effort by immaturely pulling them off the court. Somehow, Mr. Irvin always seems to find the controversial spotlight. He'd be better off letting his kids compete and muting his hyperactive bravado.

Yo SW Burbs Hoops Fan -- That's what they DO! That's their thing! Aint nothing changing how Morgan Park acts -- always have, always will. And it is to bad cuz they are a good team, good program with good kids it seems. But there is always one common denominator in all the issues they have. Its sad really and too bad.

They always whine about people not respecting them or their program. The lack of respect isn't directed at the team or program its directed at the clowns that run the show and how they behave in public. They don't get it.

Whether they were getting good calls or bad calls doesn't matter. Do they think they are the only team that thought they were getting a bad call or two in a game? How many times have coaches pulled their team off the floor? If you are RB how do you possibly invite them back? Show some guts RB and keep them out of this event. The coach cheated the event, the fans that paid money, and his own players.

Heard couple players chirping about being state champs as they left the floor. What a joke. Embarrassing. Forget the fact they beat NO ONE in Class 3A to get to Peoria and made a mockery of the four class garbage.

Kids act as their leaders and coach act so its not surprising Southside Billy that they chirp like their coach does.

Agreed that RB should never have MP back. To add on to others here who have extolled the virtues of this shootout, it is among the very best events ever run on a consistent basis in the area. Games are always on time, first and foremost. If your game is scheduled at 5, it tips at 5. Not 5:05, not 5:10, not 5:15. 5. When OTs do occur, it's generally quick, in and out, and refs and scorers are ready to roll for the next game. Like clockwork. Good concession stand, plenty of signage about when and where games are scheduled, and everyone is so pleasant and friendly. Then there's this completely opposite behavior...because of a bad call, non-explanation? In a summer shootout? Lighten up, Francis. As state champ, you should KNOW you have bigger fish to fry.

I never care who wins games in AAU or high school. I watch the players. But at RB yesterday I couldn't help but root against that guy. Are you kidding me? Show some class. Teach your kids a lesson. What did they learn yesterday? That when you are losing or calls aren't going your way take your ball and go home. Boo hoo.

Congratulations to York! And if you're Riverside-Brookfield why would you want that tired Morgan Park act to return to your event? Plenty of classy programs and coaches out there to deal with.

Take your kids off the floor? In the championship game? For no reason? Wait-- because of some calls not going your way? WHO DOES THAT?????

Yeah...Nick always thinks it's "The Nick Show" when it shouldn't be. However, I must say that I can't critique his basketball knowledge, particularly with the athletic kids he works with. He calls more sets than the typical CPS coach, and this weekend I watched him call multiple presses which really define his team and create his offense. In addition, he called some half court offensive sets & out of bounds stuff that was legitimate coaching stuff. [By the way, thx to HS Cube for streaming the entire event]. His kids do listen on the court, they do execute, and they always play hard. In the RB championship, all the kids on the floor played multiple games to get there and were probably tired emotionally and physically. Congrats to the York kids who were not intimidated by the MP / Nick Show and looked to be on their way to handling the MP pressure. I just cannot believe that Nick does the best for his kids by making excuses and pulling them off the court. "Success is a lousy teacher"...Nick should have taken advantage of a good summer league teaching moment by having his kids compete and see where the chips fall. Instead his walkoff nonsense will teach his kids to make excuses when life gets hard and things don't go your way. It's too bad because he's in a position to make a difference in some kids lives, work ethic, etc.

Whenever the Fire, Morgan Park, or Irvin's are losing in a game they start chaos. It happens all the time! Nick a couple weeks ago I believe in LA ( one of the EYBL events) pulled the same thing. He pulled the Fire off the floor because of refs (they were losing). At the Spiece tourney in Ft. Wayne in May, they were getting crushed and Nick once again started a scene and the police had to be called delaying the game for half hour. Not only is it embarrassing but its childish. They losing? Expect a Nick Irvin scene. Get your popcorn ready. Sore losers from supposedly grown men.

The RB people did a fine job for the event. I too agree that Irvin feels he's always getting a bad deal. Nothing has been mentioned that he shouldn't been coaching the team due to IHSA rules anyway. He blatantly disregarded these rules as he coached from the opposite side from the benches-even being granted a time-out!? (that's the ref's fault).
He was even chirping when the opposing player took his free throws yelling "Free Throw". What a classless individual. DON'T invite them back.

The sad thing is Morgan Park is a poor representation on the CPS, which is always trying to shine a brighter light. So shame on you MP, I guess more Nick Irvin, for this decision that gives the Public League and CPS basketball a bad rap.

What is funny, i guess not funny, is that there isn't a single person - not one - who watches what this coach has pulled in the past and is the least bit surprised by these actions at Riverside Brookfield. What gives YOU the right to take your kids off the floor, prevent them from playing? No one else does it.

Nick will get Lone Peaked soon enough by a fundamentally sound suburban team...and his recruited talent (stolen?) from around the city will eventually diminish because people will get sick of his side show. It happened to Landon Cox in the late 80's / 90's, and it'll happen to Nick too. It's a tired show. [But his teams do play good defense].



tarh oops i Mean Bear that's what the next article is for if people wanna comment on York and the embarrassment that Coach Irving created by walking off the court because he felt he was being harassed and that his team played to many games on Sunday. But what people also haven't touched on is how the parents of the kids at MP just follow right along with it. If you watch the game again you see they just get up and go too and I'm sure none of them voiced anything about it which is upsetting but when one drinks the kool-aid they all will. So if the parents of these Kids don't care their coach is setting a bad example of sportsmanship and how to deal with adversity then why should we care.

I checked out York yesterday. they are a bunch of hacks. they tried to rough up Orr hs. Orr fought through and still won the game. I understand why MP left the game, but I don't condone it.

For all the parents that has something to say about Morgan park leaving a game due to the lack of respect received from an official then you should have nothing to say. If you wasn't there, speak only on what you know about.

There is never a good reason to quit. Play through adversity and teach the kids to act like men. That is more important than a bad call.

Joe, no comment from you about Nick Irvin's move? As someone who chides himself on reporting all the high school hoops news in the area, I find it interesting that you've nothing to say in this matter. It's interesting but I can't say that I'm surprsed.

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