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Proviso East's Jevon Carter won't be sleeper for long

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Whether people want to believe it or not, Proviso East has a chance to be as good as a year ago. The Pirates, if you remember, ran the table during the regular season and rolled through March before falling to Simeon in the state championship game.

Sterling Brown, who blossomed late this past season and elevated his reputation and moved into the stratosphere of high-major prospect, is poised to become a true go-to player. Brown's senior classmate, jet-quick point guard Paris Lee, has been terrific this spring (as highlighted in a previous Hoops Report blog) and puts constant pressure on opponents at both ends of the floor. But it's junior Jevon Carter who can make this Proviso East team so dangerous. This kid has impressed the Hoops Report in a big way.

With Carter, it's as if Proviso East and coach Donnie Boyce have this secret little weapon no one is really aware of just yet. We're not talking one of those "players to watch" types; he's the real deal.

Carter, an under-the-radar prospect in the Class of 2014, has opened the Hoops Report's eyes with his play all spring. And he did so again over the course of two days of action at the DePaul Team Camp at Attack Athletics. Every time you watch Proviso East, Carter is getting buckets.

The Hoops Report has a thing for three different types of players when scouring for college prospects: the ideal, true, on-the-block big man (the most difficult player to find); the pure, prototype point guard (when you find one it's enjoyable and refreshing); and the sweet-shooting, natural scoring 2-guard (more difficult to find than you think).

When you find one of the aforementioned three types of prospects, you get excited. That's why Carter excites you when watching him play. He's one of the top shooters in the Class of 2014. Plus, he has added more to his game off the dribble and become a big-time scoring 2-guard since first impressing the Hoops Report last fall in an open gym as a sophomore.

While he may not be an explosive athlete, Carter has quickness and instincts. And he makes shots. He can make them in bunches, often in an effortless manner. He has a solid shooting stroke with sound mechanics, a quick release and range. He will slice to the basket and get to the rim off the bounce. With so much attention being paid to Brown, along the the disruption Lee creates with the ball in his hands, Carter is in position to be a huge weapon for Boyce this coming season.

"He has a chance to be a really big part of what we are trying to do next year," Boyce told the Hoops Report at the DePaul Team Camp. "He is talented and can really score. Plus, he wants to get better."

Carter is a blip on the recruiting radar right now, but in the eyes of the Hoops Report he is one of the better guard prospects in the entire Class of 2014. Although probably just 6-1, Carter, who is the cousin of former Proviso East star Keith Carter, has some length to him and looks as if he may grow a little. If Carter were to add a couple of inches, we're talking the ideal, prototype college 2-guard with basketball instincts, a beautiful jump shot, scoring ability and just enough size.

With Brown, Lee, Carter and emerging Brandon Jenkins, an explosive 6-3 senior wing, this Proviso East team will at least be more potent on the offensive end than a year ago.

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Joe H. first off thanks for writing about high school basketball the way it should be done. You do a great job, but I think it's time you shed some light on this Proviso East Boys basketball Team. Yes, proviso east has a ton of talent, but after watching them at three different tournaments this summer, most recently at the glenbard east shootout, i must say this is probably one of the most unsportsmanlike, disrespectful, undisciplined, and selfish teams I have seen in the past 20yrs. Donnie Boyce has got to get a handle on these kids, starting with the so-called star of the team (Sterling Brown). These kids have NO RESPECT for THE GAME, THE REFS, THE OPPOSING TEAM, THE FANS, and I could go on, but it will take too long. The Coaches, The Principal, The Athletic director, and the Families of these players should be embarrassed by the behavior of this team. If anyone outside of the proviso east family has seen them on the hardwood lately, you know what I'm speaking of. NO SPORTSMANSHIP at all. Coach Boyce!! It starts with you. Good Luck

I agree with Brad. Donnie Boyce needs to take these kids back to the basics of what basketball is all about. These kids are so disrespectful, arrogant, and are representing proviso east in the worse way. Sterling Brown should take a look at Jabari Parker, and learn something from a true team leader and real super star. They are an ok team (NOT GREAT). Both st. charles and glenbard east should of beat them this past weekend. They act like a bunch of crying babies who want every call from the refs. Play the game with respect. This proviso east team is not better than last season, and will not make it out of their sectional. REMEMBER I WROTE IT HERE!

I believe this proviso east team is better than last year talent wise, but the attitude of this team is horrible. They need a leader. These kids only behave this way because they are allowed to. The coach needs to take control. If you can't control a bunch of high school kids on a basketball team, maybe you should not be coaching.

Javon is a good player, but he and his teammates need to take a few pointers from his cousin keith carter. play the game! don't talk it!

G Traverse You sound like a bit of a hater disrespectful to say they want make it out of sectionals this year and besides they played they worst basketball and still won the tournament they beat farragut simeon joes de la salle etc all this summer league mark my words they will be back downstate just need to regroup a little bit

this is a really good team, just not discipline

Undiscovered Talent, Other then Simeon all those teams you named(farragut,joes,delasalle) are just OK teams. It's no big deal to beat them, and Proviso east barely beat simeon at RB SHOOTOUT, and Jabari didn't play. Sterling gettin all that ink cause he Shannon brother. I seen alot of dudes outplay him on the court. proviso got a nice team, but STATE!!! NO WAY MAN!!

everyone needs to understand that this is spring and summer ball. once school starts and the real season begins Proviso East will be one of the top teams in the state. they will also be disiplined as well. i watched a lot of teams play this summer,and most of them were doing some of the same things that east was doing. Let's remember that east has one of the richest and storied basketball programs in the nation as well as a dozen players that have played in the NBA. as i final note, let's not forget the disrespectful gesture that simeon did after winning the state title.

Proviso East basketball players are good kids. SBrown is a great leader with good parents. The team may have appeared undisciplined like other teams when refs allow teams to play harder during the summer. Also Donnie will get it right most coaches lay back and watch during the summer.

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