By Joe Henricksen

Vince Doran to take over York basketball

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By Joe Henricksen

For York standout guard David Cohn, this has become like clockwork as he heads into his senior year next fall. Cohn, who was brought up to the varsity as a freshman by then York coach Al Biancalana, will have his fourth head coach in four years at York as former Hinsdale South coach Vince Doran will take over the Dukes basketball program.

Former coach Tom Kleinschmidt, who led the Dukes to a 22-9 record this past season, left for Gordon Tech after just one season as head coach at York.

Doran, who was removed from his coaching duties at Hinsdale South under some controversy last month after 10 years, will make the jump from the West Suburban Gold to the West Surburban Silver. He will inherit a team that welcomes back a Division I talent in the high-scoring Cohn and a quality group of young players in the program.

"I'm elated to be taking over the York basketball program," says Doran, who will continue teaching at Hinsdale South while coaching at York. "This is a special opportunity for a number of reasons. I went to Elmhurst College and have strong ties to the Elmhurst community. It's a wonderful community. This is one job that I really did want. That's the truth. I have followed York closely and know the community well."

While his career record at Hinsdale South hovered around the .500 mark in 10 years, Doran led the Hornets to three straight winning seasons the past three years and an 88-66 record the past five seasons.

York, which runs the annual Jack Tosh Holiday Tournament in December, gets a coach who has familiarity running a holiday tournament. Doran was instrumental in starting up a 16-team holiday tournament at Hinsdale South last year. But it's the immediate future Doran is most concerned about.

"The first step is getting comfortable with one another," Doran said of the importance of familiarizing himself with the team. "We will get with each other, get to know one another, talk about the philosophy we will have and have a great and productive summer."

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Klienschmidt didn't leave, he was basically ran out of town. Nobody in the administration wanted him to stick around even though he was the best coach in the state of Illinois

Diana, Kleinschmidt the best coach in the State of Illinois? I can think of six better coaches off the top of my head starting with the coaches at Simeon, West Aurora, Glenbard East, DeLaSalle, Whitney Young, Benet.......

TK looked to be a good coach last year. His team played at a high level and played very good team basketball. But wasn't that his first year as a head coach?

With his success, why did the administration want him gone?

I can understand him going to Gordon Tech since he was a star there in high school. I wish him well.

York Admin must be friends with Vince Doran, he's the worst coach ever, he to was as to be remove as head coach.

To ScottC,
If we are talking about great coaches and you refer to the Western Suburbs there is only two coaches that are great and should be off the top of your head. Gordie Kerkman of West Aurora and Todd Sutton of Neuqua Valley. Robert Smith and Tyrone Slaughter are terrible coaches, they just get the recruits. Yea they win championships, but have no clue on x's and o's. Glenbard East coach and Benet coach are solid, but not at the level Sutton and Kerkman are at. They had a good run the past 3 years, but are coming back to reality. I know you were just naming coaches off the top of your head, but these are the two names that should come to mind.

I would say York is very lucky to have had the four coaches they have had! I would take any one of those guys over most hs coaches. Binacalana at U.I.C., Cannon was good, and Kleinschmidt did a good job. I have seen Doran's teams play and they always play hard and are well coached. I think York will be pretty good this year. I hope Gordon is good too.


You are right, those two are long time coaches at their respective schools. They have had time to grow their programs. Because of that they are the "Deans" of the Western burbs. Totally agree.

I might agree that WY's coach has more team talent and less pure coaching acumen (x's and o's).

I think Robert Smith can coach though. I have seen enough of his games to see the adjustments he makes with strategy and player combinations to think he is very good coach.

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