By Joe Henricksen

Eastern Illinois lands Cameron Harvey

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By Joe Henricksen

Eastern Illinois will be adding another Chicago area product to a program that has recruited the city, suburbs and the state of Illinois hard the past few years. Cameron Harvey, who transferred from St. Joseph to Wheaton Academy this school year, committed to coach Mike Miller and the Panthers on Saturday.

Harvey, who visited the Charleston campus this weekend, is a strong, big-bodied 2-guard who should thrive in the Ohio Valley Conference. He showed improved and polished perimeter skills, including a more consistent jumper, while playing with NLP on the travel team circuit this past summer when healthy.

In November of 2009, Harvey gave a verbal commitment to Wyoming when he was considered among the top 20 prospects in the Class of 2012 in Illinois. He opened up his recruitment last summer when he de-committed. Harvey is currently among the top 35 prospects in the City/Suburban Hoops Report's Class of 2012 player rankings and poised for a breakout season this winter for Wheaton Academy.

The Eastern Illinois basketball program already includes Chicago area products in Jeremy Granger of Elgin, Morris Woods of Argo, Alfonzo McKinnie of Chicago (Marshall) and Malcolm Herron of Downers Grove South. Miller and his staff, including assistants Barron Thelmon and Chad Altadonna, continue to target Illinois and make the state a recruiting priority.

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Hey Joe, I thought he was supposed to have schools like Notre Dame, Marquette and big time schools after him? Seems like going to EI is more of a last ditch resort for someone whose supposed to be that good. What's the deal? EI isn't exactly a powerhouse or a mid to high level team or school?

State of the State Address

This message is a wake up call for followers of this sport that so many of us hold in such high regard. We watch players like Cameron Harvey sail to high heights in rankings and media exposure and wonder will it last and will they live up to the billing as fans of this game. We try to predict what school he will go to or what system best fits his game, thats all very natural.

However, let's not forget that these student/athletes are kids that experience seemingly uncontrollable flows of change as they and their skills maturate into true college prospects. In that the stduent/athlete blossoms, stalls, amazes, surprises, and hopefully succeeds.

Your message is flawed in one simple way. To watch a student/athlete blossom, stall, amaze, and surprise is a gift that they give us during their play. The success in which many have an opportunity but few succeed is securing a free ride to a reputable college in an economy that makes that free education is a gift they give themselves that is worth it's weight in Gold. That my friend is not low or mid that is very much considered HIGH MAJOR.

I will use your own words to prove my last point. When we look at kids and schools, they are analogous to travelers and resorts. First, very few people can travel just like very few people can play this game and do it well. Secondly, for the people that do travel where do you stay, camp grounds, motels, hotels, resort? Resort would be nice but who can afford that? An all inclusive resort would be better but the cost is often a deterrent. That all inclusive resort is representative of a Full Ride Scholarship.

So allow me to qualify the statement you made in the aformentioned post that EIU seems to be a last ditch resort for someone that is supposed to be that good. Well he is that good, and everyone that plays the game is is working to find that resort that is right for them. So for the ballers that find a "last ditch resort" to lay their head in the end. It's still a resort, and there are a lot of travelers that would love to be there.

The other schools you mention are very fine institutions as well. It's not the school it's what you do when you get there. Get the Degree and hopefully have some success on the court.

Celebrate the kids and the Education that comes with hard work. Don't get caught up in your own dissapointment because if you ask a parent or kid I'm sure they're not.

Congrats Cameron Harvey. Future EIU class of 2016'

I agree with the score. ESPN ranks him at top 15; he has a choice for a Notre Dame or Marquette education and he passes it up? Doesn't make sense. EI is a far inferior school for educational purposes. So to celebrate someone going to a far lessor school both on the academic front and athletic front, I feel sorry for the kid. Whose guiding him? Unless he didn't have the grades to get into those academically far superior schools, then I'm stunned too. Something just doesn't seem right. Did he really have scholarships at Marquette and Notre Dame or did the first guy make this stuff up? That's like going to Denny's for free when you could go to Don Schulas for free. Call me stunned or the facts aren't correct. i too wish him good luck. A free ride where you can get one for an education is great for both the parent and the child. But maybe this young man was built up to be something he's not. Or is the class of 2012 that noncompetitive?

Fred Van Fleet (Wichita State) ~Consensus top guard in IL
Danuel House (Houston) ~ranked 27 overall
Danrad Knowles (Houston) ~ranked 71 overall
Tymond Howard (UTEP) ~ranked 90 overall


Michael Orris (Illinois) not rated
Anthony Clemmons (Iowa) not rated
Dilon Graham (Florida) not rated
Patrick Ingram (Iowa) not rated

Are the later kids lucky? If they never play does that make them unlucky? Point is crazy stuff happens in recruiting. So while all of these kids are getting a free education, traveling the nation, having their pick from the best girls on will be feeling sorry for Cameron Harvey. I won't, and you shouldn't either. He will be having the time of his life. You should pick up a basketball and start practicing, or raise a kid through the crazy atmosphere and experience what comes with hoops. If you did, you would be more cognizant of what you write on an open forum after an article that's congratulating a kid. I feel sorry for you, because chances are you won't do either.

Below is the ranking for one of the top guards to come out of Illinois a couple years ago. Do you know who this is? Do you know where he went?
Darius Smith: (EIU by way of UCONN)
Rivals (3 Star, #19 PG, #113 overall):
Scout (4 Star, #21 SG, #91 overall):
ESPN (Grade of 89, #40 SG):

Maybe EIU recruits well. Lets not state that or give them any credit. Let's discredit a family's decision to send a kid to institution of higher education. By the way Don Shula's is a premier steakhouse and you compared it to Denny's? Should have compared it to Mortons, Ruth Chris, heck even Alexander's. Would have made your analogy more relevant. Then again your whole message lacked relevancy but was full of Hateraide. Your message begs the question...Who's guiding you?

Looks like we got a steal with this one! Miller has done a great job recruiting the State. Look for EIU to make a run in 2012-2014 Season. Welcome Cameron.

Go Panthers!

How is it everyone has a negative opinion on what is a family decision? This young man and his family made a choice. This may or may not be the choice that you would have made but it was not your choice. What if he went to a major and sat, was not happy or got in trouble? The statement would be "he should have went where he could be happy and successful!" Most time most people need to STFU! ds

I hope he's good enough to put us on the map! I go here and our record was 9-20 last year. We are what we are. Hopefully he is happy here. I have a great time here and getting a good education. Isn't that what its all about?


I love the signing for my alma mater, but I doubt Mike Miller will still be coaching as of next year. He needs to win now! Panther Nation is tired of waiting!

Oh yeah, Eastern Illinois University has the third highest graduation rates in the state for all state schools and remember these kids are student-athletes!

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