By Joe Henricksen

Top freshman Matthews at St. Rita

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By Joe Henricksen

Charles Matthews, one of the highly-regarded players in the freshmen class, is enrolled at St. Rita. The 6-3 guard played with Whitney Young this past summer and was expected to attend the Chicago Public League power this year, but Matthews is enrolled and attending St. Rita.

Matthews is a promising player in the Class of 2015 and arguably one of the top two or three prospects in the class at this early stage. He brings size, length and versatility as he's capable of playing both guard positions.

Coach Gary DeCesare's Mustangs now have a nice collection of veteran talent and young, up-and-coming players in the program. Among the young players in the program is Charles Matthews' brother, Dominique Matthews, a talented sophomore guard who started last season as a freshman, along with 6-5 sophomore Vic Law.

St. Rita will also welcome back a healthy A.J. Avery, a 6-7 senior who missed the majority of last season with an injury, and rising guard Tony Hicks. The 6-1 Hicks was one of the biggest stock risers among college coaches in the Class of 2012 this past summer on the AAU circuit and is among the top 15 prospects in the Hoops Report's Class of 2012 player rankings.

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I hear they also got one of the most over-looked kid, 6'2 Nick Rainey. This kid is book smart, fundamentally sound, and will rebound with the best of them. I believe in two years he will be a top player.

It's a mystery to how anyone could chose St. Rita over Whitney Young. Just doing a search on your site from last season - St. Rita lost to Hales, DeLasalle, and Mt. Carmel.
Whitney Young made it past the conference games to the Super Regional 4A game. It is clear that WY has a better team even this year with Tommy Hamilton, Jahlil Okafor and Paul White to name a few! Elite players for 2013-2014 - big mistake Charles Matthews!

This is not a mistake, he will get to play varsity at St Rita for 4 years. And it's no guarantee he will stay at St Rita the whole time. Private to Public transfer you don't have to sit out. You do the other way like Thomas Hamilton of Young wanted to do to DeLaSalle you have to sit out a year. Wise decision of his family and he'll get to play with his brother.

It's not a big mistake, the young man will get to play with his brother and also play in the historic Chicago Catholic League! Those who fail to plan, plan to fail!
Congrats to the Matthews family!

Any comparison of the experience at St. Rita to Whitney Young is no comparison at all. When you play with elite players, everyone knows you get better as well as get more college looks. What looks do you get with a team that loses regular conference games in their own league? Plus he will be on the Mustangs all year. Time to cut loose!

Its obviuos that this was a hard decision Powerhouse vs Brother? Who knows St. Rita may have more wins this year.

'What looks do you get with a team that loses regular conference games in their own league? "
Whitney Young alot of games last year in their own league. I guess people shouldn't go there then! LOL

Phil K - who beat DeLaSalle and Simeon last year - Whitney Young - guess you can't say the same for St. Rita though? You can't dispute Whitney Young is in the top 5 this season. Where is St. Rita? LMAO


So, are you retracting your last statement about "not playing for a team that loses games in its own conference"?
Now that it goes for WY and Coach "Ive been suspended three times for cheating" Slaughter?

First, when did news from 2008 become relevant in 2011? You giving the Tribue business because they cover old news? Secondly, by IHSA Marty Hickman's own quote, based on their investigation, there was no finding of any individual player recruitment from the Whitney Young practice in Burr Ridge. So please accurately reflect the facts. There also were not 3 suspensions cited as you report. Lastly, why are you continuing to so publicly discredit a good academic/athletic program like Whitney Young? Jealous of their accomplishments? For example, the 2 Whitney Young Freshmen were named to the USA Basketball Developmental Team - Okafor and White - what is your take on this story? Please come clean with your comments. Thank you!


WY is a good academic institution. Dr.(evil) Kenner is a hippocritical egotist who will break any rule FOR SPORTS, then change the subject to herself when questioned about it. Slaughter is a cheating scumbag whom only cares about himself and not the kids. The IHSA quote means nothing as HICKman is an impetant incompetant boob whom has NEVER EVER punished a successful CPS athletic program for recruiting violations. The only thing he seems to care about is 'proper uniforms'. Calvin Davis himself admitted that WY violated the rules regarding Jordan, but decided it was better that the team win by any means neccessary, then by following the rules. THAT'S CALLED CHEATING. I will continue to rail against scum like Kenner and Slaughter until something is done about them.

NOW, what do you have against St. Rita? Are you another papist-hating catholic basher like many in the media and in CPS?

Phil K - thanks for showing your bias - it's a shame that it keeps you from being objective about real basketball be continued when the season starts...WY will be in the top 5...St. Rita will be where? Enough said.

If you anything about the head basketball coach at Rita you would not be trash talking. He was the Asst. Head Coach at DePaul. In addition, coach DeCesare was named New York State Coach of the Year on three occasions (87, 91, 01). He was also selected the 1993 Kodak Boys Coach of the Year and in 2000 received coach of the year accolades from the New York Daily News, New York Post and New York Newsday for the fourth time in his esteemed prep coaching career. The DeCesare era at St. Raymond’’s produced more than 30 Division I basketball players including three McDonald’’s All-Americans –– Majestic Mapp (Virginia), Julius Hodge (N.C. State) and Kareem Reid (Arkansas). I think the kid made a good pick.

I thought Rita was a football/baseball school??? This kid will start all four years at Rita, will play with his brother and will receive great guidance under this new coach. Rita's going to have very solid team this year. Up and coming program under this coach from NYC.

I have heard that a team can not win without guards, can a team win with only guards? I've been watching the games at St. Rita on Sunday, very impressed but not sure how things will shape up during the season - they don't have a real strong big man.

Good decision not to attend WY. It would have been better to enroll in another catholic school. So both brothers can develop there natural skills at point guard. This will heip them become better collegiate players.

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