By Joe Henricksen

Dive into Hoops Report Mailbag III

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By Joe Henricksen

Another Hoops Report Mailbag is coming -- Part III. Any reader can email the City/Suburban Hoops Report at with a question pertaining to anything high school basketball related with the questions and answers in a future Hoops Report blog. List "mailbag" in the subject line of the email and include a name (name can be anything -- first name or full name or nickname, initials, etc.) and list where you are from.

Below are links to the past two Hoops Report Mailbags. As you see in earlier mailbags, there is some creativity and fun in the questions and answers. The Hoops Report will try to answer all the questions it can in an upcoming blog.

Hoops Report Mailbag No. 1

Hoops Report Mailbag No. 2

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