By Joe Henricksen

Darrell Combs keeps Loyola recruiting rolling

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By Joe Henricksen

The Loyola basketball program continues to make a big recruiting splash in August, with the latest commitment coming from Thornwood's Darrell Combs. The 6-1 combo guard committed Wednesday night and joins an impressive recruiting class that already includes Indiana products in 6-8 Nick Osborne, who committed earlier Wednesday, and 6-7 Matt O'Leary.

"I know I can go to sleep at night now knowing where I am going to college," said Combs, who had offers from Detroit, Cleveland State, Manhattan and Eastern Kentucky. "With my commitment out of the way, I can worry about my books and working on my game."

Combs, a smooth combo guard who is a true scorer, is excited about the direction the program is headed in under the new coaching staff, led by head coach Porter Moser.

"I have a great relationship with the coaching staff," said Combs. "That's what I wanted and found at Loyola. I love the school and I love the league they play in. If Butler can do it, why can't Loyola, you know? I think they [Loyola] are really putting the pieces together and are ready to put that program on the map."

Combs has been one of the real undervalued players in the Class of 2012, but he's been among the Hoops Report's top 15 prospects in the class for the past year and is currently the Hoops Report's No. 12 ranked senior.

Last year as a junior, Combs averaged 19 points, 4 assists and 4 rebounds a game. He's a versatile offensive threat, capable of putting it on the floor or knocking down shots from the perimeter, with range and a nice mid-range game. When Combs is rolling offensively, he will score in bunches and thrives when the flow of the game is up and down, where he can operate in space.

For more on Combs go to this previous Hoops Report blog. ... Combs one to watch.

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Hey Joe!

I love seeing the mid-major programs, especially around the state of Illinois, land a good recruiting class with one or serveral possibly high-major recruits. From what I have read Nick Osborne is a top 3-5 recruit in the state of Indiana. Do you think that Loyala will land better recruiting classes with a high-major recruits (like NIU getting Nader) than UIC in the time that Howard Moore is at UIC and Porter Moser is at Loyala?

Sorry about the confusion but you answered my question. I know this is off the subject and no disrespect to Darrell Combs because he is a very good player but how do you feel about the University of Illinois already losing out on one of the big time, top 3, potential McDonalds All-American, Illinois (2013) prospect in Kendrick Nunn? Now I like the class that they assembled for 2011 but they didnt get the big time, McDonalds All-American, top player in the state and nation recruit in Blackshear and/or Davis. I feel that they should have gotten at least one of these two guys, that being Blackshear. I am highly upset because these other school are getting our top players (McDonalds All-Americans) and they are giving early pledges at that. However, if they lose out on the likely McDonalds All-Americans in Jabari Parker, Thomas Hamilton, Jahlil Okafor, Cliff Alexander and guys like Malcolm Hill, and Paul White, how would you feel Joe? I know Illinois has been missing on the McDonalds All-American going back to about a decade but shouldnt the Illinois fan stop giving credit to the recruiting job if they keep on missing on our top players especially in 2013-2015? Thanks Joe!

With the new coaching staffs at UIC, Loyola, and NIU, do you feel recruiting will get more dificult for mvc teams, specicicaly Illinois State.

"If Butler can do it, why can't Loyola, you know?"

Ironically, because of Butler, they can't

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