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By Joe Henricksen

It's official: Jaylon Tate to Simeon

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By Joe Henricksen

Maybe the worst kept secret in Chicago prep hoops became official today -- Jaylon Tate is headed to Simeon. The talented junior guard, who starred the past two seasons at De La Salle, is officially a part of the two-time defending state champs.

With Tate in the fold, the stable of talent coach Robert Smith currently has -- and in the future -- makes Simeon the clear-cut favorite to win state titles over the next two seasons. That would put the Simeon basketball program in rare company, with only Peoria Manual's four consecutive state championships in the 1990s equaling the rare possible feat Simeon could accomplish. But there is plenty of basketball to be played over the next two years before talk of a Manual-like four-peat can be discussed.

With another weapon like Tate in the mix, however, the Wolverines add a piece to a team that already returns the top three prospects from last year's state title team. Simeon, which beat Warren this past March to capture the school's fifth state championship -- and fourth under Smith -- will welcome back an impressive amount of talent that includes:

Jabari Parker. The 6-8 junior is the top player in the state of Illinois regardless of class, ranked by some as the No. 1 prospect in the country and is the top player for the U.S. National Team.
Steve Taylor. The top-rated prospect in the Class of 2012 in Illinois, the 6-7 Taylor sports several high-major offers and is the lone senior in Illinois ranked in anyone's national top 100.
Kendrick Nunn. Another member of the U-16 U.S. National Team, Nunn is the Hoops Report's No. 3 ranked prospect in the Class of 2013 and is a future high-major player.
Jaleni Neely. A varsity veteran who has put together a solid spring and is a pure point guard. Neely, who already sports Division I offers, knows the Simeon system and understands his role. A recent injury, however, is cause for concern.
Kendall Pollard. This little-known junior is ready to blossom. He's a versatile 6-5 player who can get a little done inside and on the perimeter and has been playing well until an injury slowed him down of late.
Jaylon Tate. The 6-1 point guard is among the top dozen prospects in the Class of 2013 and played a pivotal role in De La Salle's success the past two years.

The cupboard on the lower levels certainly isn't bare. A pair of 6-4 freshmen -- Dennis Williams and Brandon Hutton -- will be fixtures for the Wolverines in time and be highly-coveted prospects as well. Williams, in particular, has a chance to be Simeon's next big thing with continued development.

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Hey joe.
how can J tate play right away at simeon after playing for DLS?

Tate's transfer assumes White signs off on it. He has a a bit of history of not signing off on transfers. I'm guessing he won't do Simeon and Smith that way, but you never know.

there's no sign-off needed... check the rule book... ask calvin davis of the cps or ask coach white himself...

the transfer is complete and tate is a student at simeon...

no approval or coach's permission needed when going from catholic to public...

if tate were going from public to catholic, he sits a year...

let's all yell a big horray for tate!!!!

White can't NOT SIGN OFF ON A TRANSFER TO A PUBLIC SCHOOL... Catholic to Public, the kid is automatically eligible, vice-verse the kid has to sit out 1 yr... That's why u won't see Tommy H. to DLS, lol!!!!

He's not eligible automatically. There must be a ruling request submitted to the CPS Sports Office. DeLasalle will have to concur/agree and support the transfer. If they don't Tate's eligibility could be a problem. It is an obvious basketball transfer, but it doesn't look like recruiting. It seems more like a parent supporting a kid's move to a top program for more exposure and competition. It's not like they need him with the horses they have. It's also a catholic to public transfer which is permissible for the right reasons. C. Davis at CPS and M. Hickman at IHSA will likely discuss this one together before davis makes the determinationto determine what the legitimate ruling should be. We will see.

No DeLaSalle does not have to sign off on transfer as he is transfering from a private school to a public school. So that does not apply in this case. With Tate it will be hard for Simeon not to win another State Title.

I've often said that it's unfortunate when kids choose schools for solely for sports. To leave an institution with the academic standing of De La Salle to attend an academically under-perfoming school such as Simeon is usually not in a kid's best interest away from basketball.

Darnell his mom said it was a variety of reasons. I personally think it was the tuition which is a big thing in most families. But I know your hatred for Simeon is coming out again.

Tim, thanks, I'll take that a compliment. I make no apologies about the fact that I have problems with schools like Simeon that lure kids to the school to play sports while not challenging them in the classroom. Call me what you will but I expect that a school's mission is to educate first. Simeon is a severely under-performing school academically and that,in my mind, cannot be overlooked. I don't care how good its basketball team is, that doesn't change the fact that too many kids are walking out that school with a sub-standard high school education and I'm sure that includes its athletes as well.

So if me taking issue with kids going to sports factories, such as Simeon, at the expense of a basic education makes me a hater, I'm good with that.

Again, thanks for the compliment.

I totally understand the academic piece Darnell but Simeon is no different from a lot of Public League schools in the system. Part of the problem for those schools is lack of funding. If you can somehow get schools like Simeon more money then more power to you. And I would suggest for you that maybe you can sponsor Jaylon Tate to help him pay his tuition at DeLaSalle. Maybe then he would stay at the school. Also Tate lives on the South Side so getting to Simeon is not a problem for him. Also if a kid has that academic base he will succeed no matter what high school he goes to. Tate is a very good student so he will survive just fine.


Lack of funding is complete hogwosh.

between pensions, crazy salaries for needless administration positions, CPS wastes ALOT of money.

run the schools better and you wont need money.

eliminate the insane pension funds and youll have alot of money.

The request for eligibility ruling still has to take place before he can play. DeLaSalle does have to sign off and they also have the option of not signing off on the concurrence. You could say tuition, but it could be the aroma of a state championship. They don't need him to win it.

i believe that de la salle is going to be fine. They have the german kid there along with alex foster, alvin ellis,demarcus richardson, and marcus white. This is going to be a coming out party for richardson and white especially for richardson to still show he's one of the top gaurds in the state. But this de la salle team reminds me of the one with derrick needham. i look forward to the game when they play simeon it will b a war.

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