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Prospects named ...

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By Joe Henricksen

OK, now back to the Name That Prospect ....

The answers (the actual name of the prospects) are provided at the bottom of each description with the original blog still posted below from Thursday. (On a side note, at the bottom of this blog the Hoops Report recognizes five impressive student-athletes that were selected to a unique all-star game.)

These prospects have little (but growing) name recognition, due to blooming late, not entering high school with fanfare or playing for a non-descript program or maybe in an overlooked area. However, these prospects have been front and center in helping lead their respective teams to a sectional title game appearance. Can you name them?

City/Suburban Hoops Report subscribers will have an advantage in this prospect quiz, with a couple of these players having been highlighted throughout the year in the publication. Nonetheless, take a shot at "Name That Prospect," with the answers in tomorrow's Hoops Report blog.

This prospect was tabbed by the Hoops Report at the start of the season as the junior "absolutely no one knows but soon will." In a later Hoops Report issue he was the answer to the question, "What junior has blossomed the most this season?" Yes, Orr's Mycheal Henry and Niles North's Abdel Nader have risen quickly in the Class of 2011, but their names have been out there and talked about having played for higher profile AAU teams. This long, active wing--a.k.a. Prospect A--is just beginning to blossom, take his game to a new level and tap into his potential as a player. He is a disruptive force on both ends of the floor who is a prospect and basketball player. He's blessed with a long, quick first step and crossover to get past any defender, with the explosiveness to get to the rim. He has made a push towards the top 15 prospects in the junior class as he leads his team in scoring heading into Friday's sectional title game, with colleges finally scurrying to check out this Hoops Report rising star. Prospect A, already a perfect and ideal mid-major prospect, could be one of the most compelling players down the postseason stretch.
ANSWER TO PROSPECT A: Glenbard East's Johnny Hill

Here is another junior who has made nice, steady strides since the beginning of the season for a team that has surprised just about everyone with the success they've had. This guard is perhaps the single most important player for any team remaining in the Class 4A tournament field, with a ton of responsibility and weight on his shoulders as the sole ballhandler and decision-maker. He's solidified himself as a Division I prospect. He has toughened up, gained strength, stays composed and plays the game right. He will run a team and distribute or put up huge numbers offensively if needed.
ANSWER TO PROSPECT B: Benet Academy's David Sobolewski

He's one of two seniors on the "Name That Prospect" list and was completely off the Hoops Report Top 100 list when the season began. Yikes! He's probably the prospect the Hoops Report missed on the most, a player who wasn't even the most talked about prospect on his own high school team. Early on this season he either fizzled or sizzled, but over the second half of the season he has played big and gone from crude to productive on the floor. He remains a bit of an undersized 4-man, but he's long and lean at 6-6 and springs to the basket on a pogo stick. He missed some time last season after transferring in to his current school and he's still raw, but he's been so influential in his team's surprise season. Over the last few weeks he's been watched by low-major and mid-major college programs looking for a late blooming steal during the April signing period.
ANSWER TO PROSPECT C: Marshall's Alfonzo McKinnie

This is a bit of a trick question as no one from the Chicago area will know much--if anything--about this 6-3 junior. He's bull-like, athletic, strong and difficult to keep from finishing at the rim and off the glass, especially at the high school level. For his size, he's probably the best rebounder in Illinois, an absolute monster on the glass. After watching him last summer and a glimpse of him in a January game, the Hoops Report still doesn't know what he is as a prospect at the next level other than being a hard-nosed, physical gamer and player. Want proof? How about these numbers? In 30 games this season, Prospect D has averaged 19.3 points, 12 rebounds, 3.3 steals, 1.5 blocks and 4.3 assists a game as a junior. No, he can't shoot (3-of-23 from beyond the arc and just over 50 percent from the line), but he finishes at a clip of nearly 65 percent from the field inside the three-point line. And he's the clear-cut leader of a team with just two losses on the season and projected to reach Peoria.
ANSWER TO PROSPECT D: O'Fallon's Roosevelt Jones

The underclassmen are much more heralded on his high school team than this emerging big man prospect. Big men develop at a slower rate and you sometimes just have to wait ... and wait ... and wait on them. In a rapid race to find any big man this late in the recruiting season, this kid has come on and improved since the beginning of the season. He brings legit size at 6-8. He has some bounce. He has the coveted length. He just has to get stronger and more consistent, a combination that is common for late-developing big men. He's a perfect redshirt candidate at the low-major plus level. But right now he's become a key figure in his team's quest to reach Peoria, providing a presence on both ends of the floor.
ANSWER TO PROSPECT E: Mount Carmel's Jon Gac

Time to recognize the student athlete
We are most definitely caught up in recruiting and the excitement of March Madness as fans of high school basketball in Illinois, but there are five terrific high school players from Illinois that will be part of a unique basketball and academic experience this spring.

Whitney Young's Ahmad Starks, Mundelein's Ben Brust, Zion-Benton's Lenzelle Smith, Robinson's Meyers Leonard and New Trier's Alex Rossi were all selected to the Feinberg High School Academic All-American Game. We have been talking about their games for years as all five players signed with high-major college programs and sport a required GPA of at least a 3.4 or higher to play in the game, which will be May 1 in Los Angeles. The five representatives selected from Illinois are part of a 40-man roster that will be split up into four teams.

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You had me thinking. Had two easy ones with Gac and from reading how much you have liked Jonny Hill and how highly ranked you have him I had that one. Ended up having four of the five but missed Prospect C.

Fun. Good stuff. And always enjoy this blog. Wish other people in your business knew how to at least put complete, non rambling sentences together.

Hoops Report: Looking back at old issues from this year. You were right on with your Glenbard East stuff back in November with JHill and ranking them #13 in the preseason! Who has been the biggest disappointment in high school basketball compared to the preseason rankings?

I love Sobo as a high school player. He's very smart, plays unselfish, and makes his team go. But as far as college, as he's already a matured player, how much upside does he have? I guess I'm comparing him to a player like Macari Brooks who has raw talent and with proper help can be a great college player. How much better can Sobo get? He seems maxed out from a development level. Your thoughts?

Love it!

you seem to have not notice Marquis Todd the 6-7 freshman new transfer from Leo Catholic now attends Orr Academy on the westside

Biggest dissapointment: St. Pats by far. I'm a Shamrock fan, but they were ranked #9 in the SunTimes and were ranked in every poll. They went like 14-12, finishing 5th in the ESCC and losing thier first playoff game.

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