By Joe Henricksen

First sectional seed reactions

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By Joe Henricksen

The IHSA released the Class 4A and 3A sectional seeds Thursday afternoon. There weren't a whole lot of surprises or many injustices, though there were a couple of questionable seeds.

Here are just a few quick thoughts and reactions to the seeds. This is based on the reasoning that the matchups will be according to seeds, with 1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7, etc., which typically the IHSA has stuck to for the most part in recent years. However, that is an "if" at this point as the matchups and sites won't be announced until late Friday.

The City/Suburban Hoops Report's complete state tournament preview issue will be due out in late February.

Lyons Township
How would you like to be unbeaten on the season, ranked in everyone's top 10 and have to play Simeon or Bogan in the sectional semis and Mount Carmel in the sectional final? That is what could be staring at the host school, Lyons Township, if it can take care of either Julian or Brother Rice in a regional final.

A couple of Red-South rematches should be highly entertaining, with Simeon likely facing Vocational in a regional championship, with Bogan and Morgan Park featured in another regional title game.

Neuqua Valley Sectional
The Upstate Eight title is up for grabs Friday night when East Aurora travels to Neuqua Valley. A rematch will very likely take place in a regional championship between No. 2 seed Neuqua and No. 7 seed East Aurora.

Proviso East Sectional
Foreman is looking to get over the hump, win big games in March and, hopefully, reach Peoria. It won't be easy. The Hornets could face St. Patrick in a regional final (Foreman lost to York last year in the regional final) and then face De La Salle in the sectional semis, before a date with top-seed Whitney Young. That's a tough road ahead for the No. 2 ranked team in the Hoops Report.

Homewood-Flossmoor Sectional
While the Hoops Report had Thornton as the No. 1 seed, the coaches went with Joliet. Thornton beat H-F by 13 points; Joliet beat H-F twice, by a combined 10 points. Thornton has played a tough schedule, with five losses coming to teams that were ranked at some point this season and all five currently have at least 15 wins. What this does is create a potential rematch between Thornton and H-F in the sectional semis. Thornton won the first battle 80-67 back in December.

Niles West Sectional
Von Steuben slipped a little more than the Hoops Report anticipated. Nonetheless, a Von Steuben-Glenbrook North rematch (Von won the first time in December) could materialize in the sectional semis as 1 vs. 4 matchup. New Trier and Maine South, who are very familiar with one another in the Central Suburban League South, could meet again in a sectional semifinal.

Waukegan Sectional
There weren't a whole lot of surprises here, though coaches apparently didn't take much stock into Warren's recent solid play. The Blue Devils dropped all the way to a No. 12 seed, even after having won their last five straight. Stevenson, the No. 5 seed, will now have to face Warren, a team they edged 55-53 in the middle of January, in a regional opening game.

Fremd, with just one loss on the season, will have its hands full in trying to win a regional championship. The Vikings will get Lenzelle Smith and Zion-Benton in the regional title game if teams are bracketed by seeds.

Class 3A
Riverside-Brookfield Sectional
Securing the No. 1 seed in this sectional was big. The reason? After the top seven teams there is a considerable drop, which means the top seed will have a much more favorable regional title game matchup then the No. 2 seed. St. Joseph, who the Hoops Report had as the No. 1 seed but ended up with the No. 2 seed, will have its hands full in a potential regional title matchup with young and talented Orr. Meanwhile, top-seeded Marshall should have its way in a regional championship game with either Glenbard South or Al Raby. And a Red-West rematch between North Lawndale and Crane in the regional title game should materialize.

Lincoln-Way West Sectional
As expected, Hillcrest secured the top seed. Crete-Monee beat Rich South twice during the regular season and has played a tougher schedule, yet Rich South is the No. 2 seed and Crete-Monee is No. 5. That sets up what could be a rugged regional final between Brooks and Crete-Monee -- a rematch of last year's sectional matchup.

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Joe your killing me. As the representative paper of Chicago's Southside, you failed to break down the King Sectional once again. I understand that you have not seen a lot of these teams, but by glancing at the schedules one can see one or two miscues by the seeding department.

1. DuSable -- IHSA has them ranked 6th in the sectional, which I feel is three places short of their deserved rank. This is a team that beat King, Hope, and Phillips which are teams in this sectional. They also beat Harlan and Al Raby respectably this season. Somehow IHSA has University, King, and Ellison ranked above them.

2. University -- I still can't believe they earned a number 2 seed in this sectional. At the very highest they should be a 6 seed. They lost to that same Harlan team that Dusable beat, and the only team they've played and defeated was Jones.


I think it an injustice that Joe's is the two seed. That sectional is controlled by the CPS. Every year, they screw Joe's and force them to play all the top CPS schools in the sectional while SCHEDULING their top schools against the suburban teams.
What about the case of foreman vs. Young? Although Young beat foreman at Proviso, foreman later won the CPS holiday tourney (Young didn't). Also, Young's baaad loss to MP last night should have moved them down to the two, below foreman.
CPS controls too much in the sectional voting. The IHSA needs to step in and switch this, but they won't (gutless bums).

You said Foreman could face St. Pats in the regional final. I think that will happen but you CANNOT overlook St. Ignatius. Yes, they are down this year, but St. Pats at St. Iggy will be a war. I am a diehard Shamrock fan, but this game worries me. I don't think Iggy or St. Pats has a shot at beating Foreman. Both teams will give Foreman a good game, but Iggy and Pats don't have the guards to handle Foreman. I could see Foreman getting upset, so you never know. Iggy and Pats will be an awesome game. Iggy has a small gym and they will have their big student section there. Hopefully, St. Patrick will bring their CRAZY stud section. It will be an awesome environment. Can't wait. Pats has a big home game against ND this Friday. Get there early. Can't wait. Go Shamrocks!

Phil K,

The coaches votes were due well before Young lost yesterday.

So b/c Crete beat Rich South twice, but lost 7 or 8 games on the season to equal and lesser teams then Rich South they should be the number 2 seed? Rich South has beaten and played quality teams, Champaign Central, CVS who was ranked high at the time, beat Crete the first time they played, as well as beating Thornton, Lincoln Park, Bloomington, Losses to Glenbrook, Crete twice (squandering double digit leads twice) and to a team from Wisconsin ( when Rich South was not at full roster) So tougher schedule or not Crete would and should be considered under achievers. That is the exact same team from last year...that being said, they still will be a tough out come March regardless of seed. (I think)


I know it is you opinion, but looks like the coaches agreed with me on the Stagg seed, #6 ahead of Plainfield Central, Bloom, and Thornwood....

"By inthegym on February 11, 2010 10:23 PM
Phil K,

The coaches votes were due well before Young lost yesterday. "

thanks for the info, my fault.

Where can we find the actual seeding I just want to see where they placed schools like hyde park and bogan

Nevermind my last comment I have quick question with hyde park and mt. carmel in the same regional can you see hyde park beating mt.carmel and going on to beat most likely morgan park and simeon. I know they lost to simeon early in the season but that was without some new players. And they also have a chance at morgan park in the CPS playoffs if they get past north lawndale and Morgan Park beats Simeon.I know it seems slim but I would probably take Hyde Park against almost any CPS team.


Another good article....How ridiculous is that Lyons sectional. By far the toughest in the state. Lyons, Carmel, Bogan, Simeon, Julian, and dont forget Morgan Park who just knocked off Young. It seems as the list goes on and on. They all have a legitimate chance to win that sectional. Watch out for Julian no ones talking about them but, they could be a 1 seed in some other regions. By the way Rice, way over-rated! I know people will say they find a way to win, but as you know your luck goes away when you play solid teams night after night in playoffs. Keep the articles coming.


What are your thoughts about Curie being a 4 seed...

even before the transfers, they had 7 losses while 6th seed Proviso East had 5. Did Proviso Win their conference? I know Curie didn't.

DO you think this is the CPS helping out Coach Slaugter??? They have no true competition until the Sectional Finals!
Curie as a 4 seed and OPRF as a 5 seed are complete jokes... PE much better than both, so CPS moves them down so they match up with the good CCL school!

Joe- Hey I just had a question. Have you seen Royale Ewing play at all. He's a freshman on Pat's varsity. What do you think his potential is as far as college? Like high-major, mid-major?

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