By Joe Henricksen

Colvin shines.... and add another to loaded '09 guard class

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By Joe Henricksen

There were other storylines coming out of the Public League-Catholic League tripleheader Sunday night at Chicago

State other than the marquee matchup of Whitney Young-Hales Franciscan. Individually, the two biggest

newsmakers in the eyes of the City/Suburban Hoops Report were Whitney Young junior guard Chris Colvin and St.

Rita junior guard Terry Johnson.

The Hoops Report has been a fan of Johnson since watching him as a sophomore at Seton Academy and then in

AAU play at Spiece in Fort Wayne last spring. But he's added a little strength to his slender frame and more

consistency with his jumper since then and is now a complete scorer. After watching him again Sunday at Chicago

State, there is no question he's one of the top 20 prospects in the Class of 2009 and will likely move into the top 15

when the new Hoops Report player rankings come out later this month. He's a perfect mid-major guard prospect

right now.

Johnson was awfully impressive in his team's loss to Von Steuben, scoring 18 in the first half and finishing with 34

on the night. He has always been terrific in the open court, getting to the basket and finishing in transition. He is a

very capable three-point shooter but has added a nice mid-range, pull-up game to his arsenal. If you're a college

basketball fan and remember several years back, Johnson's play and style reminds me of former Oklahoma

standout guard Hollis Price. Johnson is a fun one to watch.

Colvin among top four juniors
While Colvin didn't start for Whitney Young Sunday night, he showed he's among the top three or four prospects in

the Class of 2009. What sets him apart from some of the top guard prospects in the junior class is his toughness

and competitiveness. He's got that chip on his shoulder, that get-after-it fire, that little nasty streak in him that you

love to have. He's not going to back down.

Colvin thrives on his ability to break anyone down off the dribble with his speed, quickness and crossover. He

penetrates at will and disrupts things for opponents defensively. He has an uncanny ability to get to the basket and

finish. His shooting has come a long way but still needs some consistency, as well as his overall decision-making

and point guard responsibilities and maturity. He has made huge strides since a year ago when the Hoops Report

watched him at Chicago State.

As far as where he stands among his junior peers, it is certain he belongs among the top four. But there is such

little separation from the perimeter prospects in this class. Depending on who and when you talk to talent

observers and college coaches, the opinions differ--almost weekly. But combining the individual talent they

possess and how they project out to college prospects, the Hoops Report has Colvin in the top four with Peoria

Central's D.J. Richardson, St. Joseph's Diamond Taylor and Warren's Brandon Paul. And just behind that foursome

are Whitney Young's Marcus Jordan and Sterling's Joseph Bertrand, followed by Jordan Prosser of Eureka and

Michael Haynes of Washington.

Illinois and coach Bruce Weber can only wish there was room for more perimeter players, especially with the likes

of Illini commit Jereme Richmond, Whitney Young's Anthony Johnson and Rich South's Crandall Head all looming in

the Class of 2010. But Weber and the staff handled the abundance of guards in the Class of 2009 the right way.

Recognizing the talent level and knowing there was little separation between the top players, they showed the

interest in each, put the bait out there and waited for the bites among the junior guards. Richardson, Bertrand and

Paul were the first to bite.

It will be fun watching how this class, which has really made strides since a year ago at this time in living up to

some of their early hype, progresses between now and March.

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As the former head boys' basketball coach at Bolingbrook H.S.( 18 years ) I have always bought and read ( 44 years )the Chicago Sun-Times,because of their great high school sports coverage. Now I can't read the results in your paper anymore. I have to get them on line. I can't get a cup of coffee and read the high school results in your paper. All you have in their now is negative stories from Greg Couch and the know it all Jay Mariotti. By the way, all I do is read the headlines of their articles
and then turn the page. I can open the paper today and get the results of the Lamar-St. Gregory, Liberty-Presbyterian, or the Belmont-Fisk college boys basketball game, but I can't find the area high school results anywhere in your paper. You went from the best high school sports coverage paper in Illinois to the complete opposite end. How pitiful!! What happens to the sports enthusiast who does not have a computer or access to the internet? I guess they go buy the Tribune or a local paper.
Why don't you drop Jay Marriotti's columns and put high school sports back into your paper????? All he does is bash people. Let people turn the TV on and watch and listen to him shoot his mouth off with the other negative bums on that show. ( which I do not watch ). High school coaches probably don't mind your new set-up because they have a computer sitting on top of their desk at the school they work at. What about the everyday guy. Or the guy who reads the paper on the train or bus. He wants to read the high school results and you have taken them out.

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