By Joe Henricksen

Webster loss huge; Webster rumors absurd

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By Joe Henricksen

Wow! Can there be any more recruiting drama out of Champaign? The latest, however, is absurd, bordering crazy.

There are two certainties that come with the recent move of assistant coach Tracy Webster

from Illinois to Kentucky.

First, no matter what anyone says or how the situation is spun, the loss of Webster is a huge hit for the Illini

program. A little more on that in a minute. But the notion that Webster was all along working for Kentucky, playing

the role of a double secret recruiting agent and sabotaging Illini basketball recruiting efforts is ludicrous. That is the

rumor making the rounds, along with others. This is more about an opportunity presenting itself and, quite possibly,

frustration finally setting in. Why would Webster even entertain those thoughts? As I said, absolutely ridiculous.

There are those out there that believe the loss of Webster is no big deal, that the Illini weren't able to secure top-

notch talent on Webster's watch anyway. But look at it this way. The smooth, well-connected assistant coach that

gets in on top talent early is the starting pitcher. They put in the innings, do a lot of the leg work, help put the school

in position to succeed recruiting wise. The head coach? Of course, he's the closer, who comes in to finish things

off in the ninth inning. Now imagine being the all-star caliber starting pitcher--in this case the assistant coach--and

the closer imploding in the ninth and losing all the recruits you've put so much effort into. In the end, it hurts the

assistant coach's reputation as well, along with future aspirations. And it gets frustrating.

In the City/Suburban Hoops Report's previous blog, the topic of putting together a terrific coaching staff was

addressed. It doesn't matter what level you're at--low Division I, mid-major or the highest level--putting together the

best possible staff is critical. Bill Self did it at Illinois and at Kansas. And now Kentucky coach

Billy Gillispie, who is on the fast track to coaching superstardom after coaching for several years

under Self, is doing the same. Adding Webster is a brilliant move. Kentucky is not that far in distance from Chicago.

Gillispie already has ties to the state after being an assistant coach at Illinois, and now with Webster on board

expect Chicago to be a feeding frenzy for both Kentucky and Kansas as it pertains to recruiting. Throw

John Calipari of Memphis and Kelvin Sampson of

Indiana into the mix of recruiting the state of Illinois and never before have there been so many

major players in the coaching ranks hovering around Illinois gyms.

Illinois now has lost it's one influential figure in the Chicago area. It doesn't matter if the results haven't been what

Illinois or its fans have hoped and wished for with Webster on staff. Tracy Webster was not the recruiting problem

at Illinois. All you have to do is ask the countless number of coaches and players that have been recruited by

Illinois and see what they have to say about it. Again, Webster was not the problem. Webster was the

one city and suburban coaches and AAU coaches looked to first, connected with, respected and had a

relationship with. Webster was the one "in on" so many of the 2010 stars in the state. Now what does this say to

all those coaches and players out there? Make no mistake about it, the loss of Webster is a big blow to

Bruce Weber and Illinois, no matter what the results have been. Will Weber be able to land the

sexy-named assistant to a program that is quickly being perceived as a sinking ship?

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Just like the Sox, Joe (and Kenny) forgot about middle relief.

This article hits the nail on the head. I agree with it 100%. Being around the AAU scene with one of the top programs for a few years now, it is no surprise to anyone that Coach Weber is not a huge personality guy. Let's be clear. I am not bashing him because he is a great X an O guy, but there is some frustration in the inner circle with him closing the deal. He jumps in late on kids and refuse to offer them once he gets them on campus(Matt H. from Hales). By the time he makes his mind up to offer, they are gone.

This is a very fantastic editorial you've written there!

This is an incredibly awesome editorial you've posted there.

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