By Joe Henricksen

Plenty of coaching talk

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By Joe Henricksen

Who will be the next assistant coach for Bruce Weber at Illinois? The best hire

in high school basketball this past offseason was? Who landed the best high school job? Who will have the

toughest new job? Who has the best chance to win? The Hoops Report provides a rundown of all these coaching

topics in this latest blog entry.

ILLINOIS WILL HIRE? There are dozens and dozens--no, make that hundreds--of coaching

friends, associates, media members, alums, donors, administrators and anyone and everyone that has just the right

coach for Bruce Weber to hire at Illinois. Without question the name Jerrance

Howard has been at the top of the list. The Peoria native and former Illini would be a fine choice--in place

of current coach Wayne McClain. But the hiring of Howard would likely only infuriate city

coaches more as he would not be considered a "Chicago guy." In the end, just another slap in the face to the

Chicago coaching brotherhood.

After looking at all the possibilities, the guy I would go after hard if I'm Weber is former Morgan Park

and current Illinois State assistant coach Paris Parham. He's smart,

articulate, well connected, very respected in the city among both Public League coaches and AAU coaches,

impossible not to like, is a Chicago guy and brings years of college coaching experience from previous stops as an

assistant coach.

With that being said, however, I honestly don't think Parham would--or should--take the job. He would have to think

long and hard about it simply because it's Illinois vs. Illinois State; Big Ten vs. Missouri Valley, but in the end the

negatives may outweigh the positives. Right now he's positioned himself in the whole Bill Self/BIlly Gillispie

coaching tree via Tim Jankovich, the current ISU coach. That's not a bad place to be,

especially with the way things are looking at ISU right now and in the future. And imagine the pressure this poor

next coach is going to have on his shoulders when he arrives? Don't think for a minute that didn't weigh on

Tracy Webster's mind.

BEST PREP BASKETBALL HIRE? A no-brainer here as former Thornwood

coach Bob Curran, who is full of class, discipline and past success, takes over at

Lincoln-Way North. Curran won't have anywhere near the talent at his disposal as he did at

Thornwood, but this is the guy you want to put your trust in when starting up and running a basketball program.

TOUGHEST JOB? Of all the new hires this past offseason, you have to feel for first-year coach

Brendan Lyons at Addison Trail. It's been several years since Addison Trail

was even competitive. In the last five years this program is 5-99 overall. Ouch!

NEW COACH WITH BEST CHANCE TO WIN? Steve Messer is a veteran coach

having coached previously at Elk Grove Village. Messer, though, takes over for Don Rowley at

Hersey this winter and should be a Mid-Suburban League favorite with the return of 6-9 Dayton-bound

Luke Fabrizius and the arrival of sophomore shooter Ben Brust. That is

something to build around immediately.


Waukegan program that has had its share of internal turmoil in recent years and is welcoming the

state's best college prospect, sophomore transfer Jereme Richmond. The league is loaded with

perennial powers New Trier and Evanston at the top and expectations will be high.


Thornwood to go to Lincoln-Way North, the T-Bird coaching job became the

biggest and best of the coaching vacancies this offseason. Enter Marcus Alderson. He inherits a

job that is blessed with tradition, talent and a terrific athletic director to work for in Gary Lagesse.

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Another slap at the CPL? Just exactly how many CPL players are in the BT at this time? Few, very few. And just exactly what did the CPL do for Tracey, one of "their guys."? Not much that I ever saw. Rose was not precisely an exception to the rule.

So, thanks anyway, I'll take a guy like Howard, a true O and B guy, and so much for the CPL, that never, really, in any true sense, has done much for the Illini anyway.

And they can take a look at their pals at Notre Dame, and ask themselves just how fair a shake D Jones got.

How did that work out?

I have to disagree with Hersey being the MSL overall favorite- the MSL East has never been top to bottom competitive with the West. Not since the sectional re-alignment last year when the league was split up for the state tournament has an East team ever won a sectional. Fabrizius is a tall shooter with some talent, but no one will argue with Messer's overall underachieving ability as a coach. I don't care how talented ANY MSL east team is, they will always be trumped in the long run by Conant, Hoffman Estates,and Schaumburg........

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