By Joe Henricksen

Offseason a boon for Class of 2009

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By Joe Henricksen

Diamond Taylor. Chris Colvin. Brandon Paul. Nik

Garcia. These are just a few of the players in the junior class in Illinois that were relative no-namers

nationally a year ago--even as recently as last winter--but have made huge strides this offseason. Suddenly, the

Class of 2009 is not nearly as weak as the City/Suburban Hoops Report originally thought.

It's true, the Hoops Report has stated numerous times that the Class of 2009 in Illinois is the weakest the state

has produced since the Class of 1999, which was highlighted by Lincoln's Brian Cook and

Proviso East's Steven Hunter and not a whole lot of anything else of significance. While this

year's junior class still lacks the true, bonafide stars at the top--the Top 25 player nationally or McDonald's All-

American-type--and has virtually no size with the exception of Eureka's Jordan Prosser, the late

bloomers have elevated the overall depth of this class.

This class had some big names early on, with Peoria Central's D.J. Richardson,

Whitney Young's Marcus Jordan and Schaumburg's Cully Payne all receiving headlines

as freshmen for various reasons. Richardson was the next great one out of Peoria and nationally known as a

freshman. Jordan was Jordan. And Payne made news by committing to DePaul a few weeks after wrapping up 8th

grade. Although it took some time, there are now finally some names to add to the list.

Diamond Taylor of St. Joseph, as an example, vaulted himself to the top of

the Hoops Report player rankings after a terrific spring and summer. The 6-3 silky smooth scorer was not even

among the top 15 players in his class just six months ago. Now the Hoops Report has him at the top due to his great

all-around scoring capabilities. Chris Colvin of Whitney Young maybe opened

more eyes on the national scene this past summer than anyone in the class with his improved decision-making and

ability to penetrate, get in the lane at will, and run the point. Both are no-doubt-about-it high-major Division I


The list of players that raised their stock both locally and on the national level also includes the athletic

Brandon Paul of Warren and Nik Garcia of Niles

West. These are two more players that boasted potential early on but have vaulted themselves into the

top 10 of the most recent Hoops Report Class of 2009 player rankings after an impressive spring and summer.

When you add Prosser, Sterling's Joseph Bertrand, Marshall's Darius Smith,

Hales Franciscan's Jordan Walker and Washington's Michael Haynes to the

aforementioned names, this class could end up with as many as 12 or more high-major recruits. This list doesn't

even include a host of other Division prospects, including up-and-coming players like Lincoln Park's

Cortney Bell, Glenbrook South's Jack Cooley and Proviso East's Tramel


The Hoops Report has always felt the biggest strides made by a high school player comes between their

sophomore and junior year. And that was definitely proved by this group of juniors the past few months. I can't

remember the last time a class as a whole has made this much progress in an offseason. So yes, while we all

continue to rave about the loaded sophomore Class of 2010, it's time to give a little love to the Class of 2009.

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HTML what about those tilden boys they have five returnig juniors
at the point we have Herbert Sanders,the two Daniel Beals,the thrtee Howard Patton,at the four James Doungguan,aand at the center spot. and i know they are in the blue but look for them to make so noise in the citie have to give them something you dont never talk about the tilden blue devils.

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