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Hennas From Heaven

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8:38 p.m. Sept. 23----
Now that I have had a henna I understand why it is mostly a chick thing.
Hennas are temporary. Women are prone to changing their mind.
A henna requires detailed attention, like applying makeup.
Noted Chicago henna artist Tejal Mehta told me to put vaseline or olive oil over my arm length henna before I took a shower the morning after she henna-ed me. I didn't bother. I thought my henna was already a lost cause.
Here is Tejal at work:

Between 11 and 11:30 a.m. Monday she carefully applied my Cubs henna at the cheery tin-roofed Under the Wire art boutique in Pilsen. Between 11 and 11:30 p.m. Monday I was picking at the henna while watching Bill Clinton on "Late Night With David Letterman." Midsummer is my favorite time of year. The dried up henna paste reminded me of peeling skin after spending a few days in sunny Section 242 at Wrigley Field.
I soon became bored and went to bed........

When I woke up on Tuesday, there were tiny black particles on my bedsheet. It was like I had fallen asleep along side an active Mount Vesuvio.
I can guarantee it wasn't hot sex.
Despite blowing off my instructions, my henna looks better on Day 2 than it did on Day 1. It is now worn in with a smooth rust-oleum tone. It does not look as radical. I look like that rustic Dinty Moore beef stew guy. I see my Cubs logo on the inside of my right arm and smile. This is the year. A few people actuallly commented on my henna on Day 2. Small children ran away from me on Day 1.
My new friend Cherish the Burlesque Goddess is getting a full body henna this weekend at Under the Wire. She told me it is "as sexy as hell" to have a henna on you. I can't wait to compare notes.

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No Hennas for you, after the 7th inning.


Hey, Dave

Thank you so much for everything. And, if you ever crave an Indian food; let me know it's on me to my favorite Indian restaurant.

Hey Tejal; Thank you. I'm loving it. GO CUBS!! Dave

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