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My, these Tacos de Camaron use a lot of garlic and chipotles in adobo.

That was my first thought when looking over the recipe from Mercadito's Patricio Sandoval, who wrote today's At the Chef Table column.

A 1/2 cup -- about 20 cloves -- of garlic, and an entire can (albeit a small can) of chipotles in adobo? For four little tacos? No way.

But it worked. These tacos were dreamy, bathed in this garlicky, lively sauce cut through with just a bit of lemon juice and butter.

The roasted garlic puree is key. This actually became clear to me when I did this story last summer on tomatoes; Province's Randy Zweiban, who contributed a tomato squash gratin recipe, uses roasted garlic puree a whole bunch of ways, and though he says you can use minced garlic, it doesn't quite hit you with the same depth that roasted garlic would. Is it kind of a pain peeling all these garlic cloves? Kind of. But take the whole head of garlic and smash your knife over it, then give the cloves a good whack, and you're halfway there.

Cover the garlic with oil and bring to a simmer. Once the cloves have softened up and started to color, you're ready to puree them. And bonus -- now you have garlic-infused oil to play with.

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