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Eaters, meet our new Food Detective columnist, David Hammond. images.jpeg

You likely already know him from our Food pages -- or if you've ever heard his "Soundbites" series on WBEZ-FM (91.5), perused the culinary chat site, where he is a moderator, or hung around his pal Mike Gebert's Sky Full of Bacon site. (Tip: If you're at a chef-y, foodie event, and you see a salt-n-peppered guy wearing a hat -- a fedora, maybe, or sometimes a backwards Kangol -- and smiling, that's your guy.)

Today, Hammond puts his tongue at risk in the name of research - namely, in the name of the ghost pepper, a k a naga or bhut jolokia. He survived.

Good timing. On Nov. 11, Jake Melnick's Corner Tap at 41 E. Superior welcomes mohawked pro eater and native son Patrick Bertoletti and other gluttons for punishment for a Major League Eating event -- its XXX Wing Eating contest. Jake Melnick's wings are made with the ghost pepper and another hottie, the red savina.

Next week, Hammond investigates Munster cheese.

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