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Another Peeps alert

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Naha, 500 N. Clark, is really getting into the Easter spirit.

Through Sunday, pastry chef Craig Harzewski will whip up homemade Peeps as a free treat for diners. The diminutive treats (about the size of a quarter, a press release says) are hand-shaped from fresh marshmallow and sprinkled with yellow sugar. The eyes are dots of coffee extract.

Harzewski made them just for kicks for chef/owner Carrie Nahabedian and her family. The Nahabedians got all excited and before you know it, fluffy little chicks were multiplying like ... bunnies.

The folks over at Serious Eats offer up this snazzy use for leftover Peeps: S'meeps!

You don't necessarily need a recipe but they offer one up anyway. In an egg, er, nutshell: Lay a square of chocolate on a graham cracker square. Top with Peep and bake. Squish.

Considering the rainbow of colors the marshmallow-y treats come in, it'll be as if the Easter Bunny blew up in your kitchen. Imagine that. Or don't.

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