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photo_nutrition_BV276.jpgThat's what Men's Health magazine has dubbed this monster from Baskin Robbins -- the large Chocolate Oreo Shake. According to Men's Health, this fat bomb "has an ingredient list that reads like an [organic chemistry] final. Those 70-plus ingredients conspire to pack this shake with more sugar than 29 Fudgsicles, as much fat as a stick and a half of butter, and more calories than 48 actual Oreos. Oh, it also has three days' worth of saturated fat." That yummy shake is not looking so tasty now, is it?

Weighing in with 2,600 calories, 135 grams of fat, 263 grams of sugars and 1,700 mg of sodium, this drink has as many calories and grams of fat as more than 10 Dunkin' Donuts' Boston Kreme donuts. I love the Boston Kreme donut, but can you imagine eating 10 of them, in one sitting? This drink even has more than four times as many calories as a Big Mac and more than four times as much fat as the Big Mac. Jump here for the nutritional info.

The marathoners out there may be interested in it though, for carb loading (and when I say "loading," I mean loooaddding...), since it does have 133 grams of carbs. Just keep your cardiologist's number handy, though.

If you have to have a cold, chocolatey, Oreo-y, drink from the BR, Men's Health suggests an alternative -- the small Chocolate Chip Shake, which "only" has 540 calories and 21 grams of fat.

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