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Mark your calendars: Da Mare has declared Sept. 22 to be "Chef Carrie Nahabedian Day in Chicago."

This via a press release this morning about Nahabedian's induction into the Chicago Culinary Museum Chefs Hall of Fame, which will take place that evening at a fundraising gala at the Union League Club. (Not all of the previous inductees -- Bannos, Bayless-- got their own day but, "We could have dropped the ball on that," admits museum secretary Carmella Anello.)

After four years, the Chicago Culinary Museum is still just a concept, not a place. The seed first was planted by two members of a Chicago chapter of the American Culinary Federation, a professional organization for chefs; one of them, John Castro, died earlier this year.

But Anello says the museum (what little of it there is, anyway -- "some artifacts, old utensils") is getting ready to move into its home at the Washburne Culinary Institute in October.

The hope, she says, is that the museum will get its own space where it can operate a café, offer programs for kids, put up exhibits of, say, what a 19th-century table setting looked like and more.

"We're going to be geared toward education for children and adults," she says.

"It's hard to get funding," Anello says, "but we're hanging in there."

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