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At the end of the year, we pick what we deem to be the year's 10 best recipes. It's a rather unscientific process that involves physically paging through each section, scanning for recipes that strike a familiar chord.

Sometimes, though, we don't have to wait for the recipes to jump out at us from the page. Sometimes, the recipe is so fantastic the first and second and maybe even the third time we make it that we immediately catalogue it in our brains.

Urbanbelly chef and owner Bill Kim's recipe in today's Food pages is one of those. Somen noodles with shrimp and watermelon is a winner for its simplicity and pureness of flavors. And yes, shrimp and watermelon and noodles lapping up a salty, tangy dressing made of fish sauce sounds dubious at first, but it works, people, it works.

Kim wrote the accompanying column, an installment of our regular At the Chef's Table. But his most exciting news didn't make it into print -- he's expanding his Urbanbelly universe in Chicago with a sandwiches etc. type of place.

So make his noodles again and again, while summer and sweet watermelons are still around. And rest easy knowing you have plenty more from Kim to look forward to.

Chef Bill Kim is taking Urban Belly on the road, his wife, Yvonne Cadiz-Kim, tells us.


Plans are unfurling for a Los Angeles outpost of Kim's noodles-and-dumplings joint at 3053 N. California.

Here we were getting all excited about the Kogi BBQ chef coming into town and teasing us with tastes of his taco truck cuisine, which isn't coming our way anytime soon, and one of our own is spreading his wings (as he should).

In fact, Kim and Kogi chef Roy Choi bonded while at the National Restaurant Association show, which ended Tuesday. Choi promised to be Kim's tour guide when he visits L.A. in a few weeks.

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