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6-29-10_Hein_honey_11.jpg If you've read today's story on the chef's apiary program at Heritage Prairie Farm, you can expect honey-infused menus all around town later this summer, as well as in some places you might not expect (try Playboy's headquarters).

The farm in west suburban La Fox (near Geneva/St. Charles) isn't just about honey, of course. It sells its produce at the Green City Market and at its own market on-site; throws occasional dinners on the farm; and, we just learned, holds a pizza and kickball night -- that's right, kickball! -- every Wednesday.

Individual-size pizzas, fired up in a hearth oven, are $8; side salads (which sounds so pedestrian, but are probably the best side salads you'll ever eat) are $3. Tonight's pizzas: margherita, barbecue chicken and sausage/onion/shroom.


If you're like me and you don't happen to read or subscribe to Playboy, you might have missed this tidbit in the July issue, on stands now: The magazine has hopped aboard the local honey movement as the proud owner of its own beehive.

Playboy is one of more than 20 area businesses (the others mostly restaurants) that are part of Heritage Prairie Farm's new adopt-a-hive program. The farm, about an hour west of Chicago in La Fox, will deliver the honey, upward of 150 pounds per customer, later this summer.

Though Playboy won't be selling its honey -- they'll use it instead as a "fun leave behind/gift for special friends of Playboy," says spokeswoman Abigail O'Donnell -- it has come up with its own nifty name and label for it (and you could see this coming a mile away, couldn't you): Bunny Honey.

"I'm convinced they had some huge story that dropped out," marvels Heritage Prairie's owner Bronwyn Weaver (below) at the page 18-placement of her honey.

You can read more about Weaver's honey and chef apiary program in next week's Food pages. And you can, um, see more honey pictures here.


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