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Never say never, but I'm never buying commercial ricotta again.

What would be the point of buying something that you could quickly, easily and cheaply whip up -- make that stir and strain out -- at home; something that tastes nothing like the homemade stuff, which is to say velvety and lovely and simply delicious; something loaded with funky stabilizers like guar gum.

I've already decided to reserve a spot in our year-end 10 best recipes of the year feature for Sepia chef Andrew Zimmerman's pork sugo.

I can say the same for the ricotta (and ricotta cheesecake) from 312 Chicago pastry chef Kim Schwenke (pictured), in today's Food pages. And you can hold me to these words, dear readers. This is good stuff.

Ricotta from scratch, as Schwenke shows us, is all about little effort, big reward.

In her column today, Schwenke makes the larger point that taking such extra little steps -- whether it be making fresh ricotta or not rushing the browning of meat -- are "not only worth it, they are the point." Couldn't have said it better myself.

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