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Still waiting/hoping/trying to get a seat at Next, the shape-shifting restaurant from Grant Achatz and Co.? Oh, look at that, you missed the boat again.

Tickets for the third iteration -- which will take the theme 'Childhood' and will include a course served in vintage metal lunch boxes (the kind some of us, I'm not naming names, coveted at some point during childhood, which spawned our near-obsession with neovintage numbers such as this one) -- went on sale at midnight and were snagged by the time most of us were finishing our coffee this morning.

The first day of service for Next: Childhood is Oct. 22.

Free cupcakes. Crumbs Bake Shop is giving away 1,000 of them at noon today for the opening of its fourth Chicago location at 346 N. Clark.

The crappy weather isn't likely to impede the cupcake-crazed throngs, and it seems to be bringing out the generosity of other food folk. Rick Bayless just tweeted that all caldos at Xoco, his River North torta shop, will be $8.50 (regularly $10.50 to $12.50) at lunch today -- just whisper (or say, if you're not feeling so conspiratorial) "Twitter special, password tomatillo" to the cashier when ordering.

And the Zullo's truck is offering $1 off its calzones to anyone who knows the answer to this: "Which member of Buddy Holly's band, The Crickets, was saved by frostbite from dying in the plane crash that cost Buddy Holly's life?"

Meanwhile, a few other trucks are grounded today, among them Meatyballs Mobile and the Slide Ride, on account of the weather and maybe a few other issues. "Another day, another ticket," tweeted Phillip Foss, Meatyballs' owner, yesterday. "Food truckin in Chicago is a f'ing pain in the ass!! Considering droppin' out & focusing only on restaurant."

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