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Well, that's weird: Hot Doug's chocolate-topped hot dog

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Speaking of weird food and flavor pairings, the prominent topic in today's Food pages . . .

Feast points us to a doozy -- a Vosges bacon-chocolate bar-topped hot dog at Hot Doug's, 3324 N. California.

The base of the $7.50 creation is a pork sausage with hints of dried cherry and apple. Pear mustard and chunks of the aforementioned Vosges Mo's Bacon Bar round out the dog.

As with many offerings at Hot Doug's, this chocolate-topped dog is fleeting, available only through Saturday, according to Feast. After which, the shop will close up shop for a brief break, until March 2.

"It has often been said that wives, girlfriends and significant others complain that affection and attention shouldn't be limited to one day: Valentine's Day," the Hot Doug's website reads. "Hot Doug's wholeheartedly agrees: It should be two and a half weeks."

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