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Wanted: One bad cook

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Are you completely clueless in the kitchen? (Or, do you know someone who is?)

More importantly, do you want to change that -- with our help -- in 2011?

I'm looking for a non-cook who has a compelling reason for wanting to learn how to cook. I'm interested in someone who gets antsy at the thought of boiling water -- but who is willing to commit to his or her goal of getting to know the kitchen.

E-mail your story, in 400 words or less, to; please include your age and contact information. And remember: Clueless doesn't mean hopeless.

1 Comment

I lived at home with my mother until I got married at 23. I either ate what my mother cooked or ate out. I was on weight watchers when I got married and I chose foods that did not have to be cooked. My husband was very easy to please and even liked food that had been overcooked.I have not cooked since 1981. We remodeled our house and we were without a kitchen for 6 weeks. We started eating out and continued that bad habit for the next 23 years. My husband passed awayin 2004 and I moved to a new state to live with my sister and her family. She cooked, I cleaned. Now I live with my son and everything I eat is not cooked. My meals consist of Cheese and crackers, cottage cheese, cereal, etc.; things that do not need to be cooked or I get fast food. Now my health is failing and I am on 11 medications. The doctors told me that if I did not change my eating habits, I would be lucky to be alive in 10 years. I just had lap-band surgery in December and I am having to change the way I eat to succeed with this surgery. I am 60 years old and I can barely cook edible scrambled eggs. I have decided that since I have to change everything; I have to learn to learn to cook. My phone number is 847-997-2305. I live at 1025 Byron Lane, Apt. 1, Elgin, Illinois

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