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Pastry market redux

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The folks at Logan Square Kitchen, 2333 N. Milwaukee, are holding their second annual Valentine's Day Pastry Market on Feb. 12 and 13, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Consider it one-stop shopping for artisan treats and a chance to discover bakers you've never heard of, including one operating under quite possibly the best name for a gluten-free bakery: De-Floured.

"[The name] turns off some people off," says De-Floured's cheery-voiced owner Johanna Van Dorf, whose gluten-free brownies ($2) have the opposite effect -- she sold out of them at the venue's Holiday Market (where the former marketing exec officially launched her business). Van Dorf -- who doesn't have celiac disease but is merely a big believer in the baked good ("People are rarely never unhappy or surly when eating sweets") -- will sell five or six items at the upcoming market, including those brownies and heart-shaped, chocolate-dipped sugar cookies.


Other vendors include Salted Caramel, maker of bacon-bourbon caramel corn, among other things; caramel and truffle queen Katherine Anne Confections and Jo Snow Syrups. Making its debut at the market: Small Comfort, which specializes in small, savory pot pies (at right).

The event was free last year. It's a little bigger this year -- and two days now instead of one -- which necessitates the outrageous admission free of ONE DOLLAR (still no charge for kids).


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