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Bears in the playoffs = giant pizzas and blue-and-orange baked goods

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Bears Pizza.jpg [Courtesy Dough Boys]

The Bears are in the playoffs. Naturally, this excitement has spawned all sorts of blue, orange and/or oversized treats all over town.

Bleeding Heart Bakery has stocked its case this week with blue- and orange-colored cake balls (vanilla and white chocolate-flavored) for $1.50 each or 6 for $9, as well as and blue- and orange-frosted chocolate cupcakes ($2.75). And owner and Bears fan Vinny Garcia, who an employee reports has worn a Bears shirt to work every day this week, is faithfully abiding by his no-Green Bay Packers cake rule.

"Vinny refuses to do any sort of Packers orders whatsoever," says the bakery's Melinda Sterbenc. (Garcia could not come to the phone, as he was busy making a giant Bears-themed cake for a TV news crew, one of several such cakes this week.)

Apparently suffering from "When in Rome" fever, the New York-based Crumbs Bake Shop, which recently opened its first Chicago store at 303 W. Madison, also is offering a chocolate Bears cupcake with blue and orange frosting through Sunday (or until Super Bowl Sunday, depending on how the Bears fare). It's topped with a plastic Bears helmet, and costs $3.75.

At the new Dough Boys, 626 S. Racine, a 12-by-36-inch thin-crust pizza (above) can be ordered during the playoffs with "Da Bears" spelled out in meatballs (or really, any topping you like -- it's just that the meatballs "look so cool," chef Leo Spizzirri says). It serves 8 to 10 people. and costs $29.95 ($5 for each topping).

Not to be outdone, Donny's Pizzeria in Arlington Heights has what it boasts is the state's largest pizza (below) -- a 20-by-50-inch monster serving 30 to 35 people, with pepperoni slices spelling out "Da Bears."

The family-run pizzeria tinkered with the concept early this week before announcing the special on its Facebook page. That generated some chatter, which caught the attention of a local TV crew yesterday, which in turn brought out a local newspaper today, says sales and catering manager Julie Gathman.

Gathman says the restaurant thus far has had 10 orders for the pizza, which costs $98.95 (plus a $20 deposit, because of the custom box it is delivered in) and comes as one giant rectangular sheet o' pie.

"We're requesting 24 hours notice," Gathman says, "because it's 11 pounds of dough and four pounds of cheese."

4.jpg [Courtesy Donny's Pizzeria]

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Food is the best part of the playoffs, no?

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