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Top Chef All-Stars premieres, with Dale Levitski again in the spotlight

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The Top Chef juggernaut rolls on with the premiere of "Top Chef All-Stars" at 9 tonight on Bravo. And Dale Levitski promises not to disappoint.

I caught up recently with the 37-year-old Levitski, runner-up on Season Three, who, of course, could spill zero details about the show. This much he did say: "Top Chef Season Three was more about going to Cub Scout camp. All-Stars is a completely different animal in that we've all done it. There's more ego ... Honestly, it is the most difficult season yet. The [Top Chef] Masters had it easy." Pat07 color:b&w--cutout.jpg

Fighting words, young man. But then, he's a fighter.

Levitski's career was on an upswing when he was tapped to replace Grant Achatz as chef at Trio in 2004. But by the time Levitski made the cast of "Top Chef," Trio had closed and he was unemployed. He rode the inevitable post-show highs and then hit some low lows, among them, his mother's death and the disintegration of the yet-to-materialize restaurant of his dreams.

Last year, Levitski landed at Sprout, 1417 W. Fullerton. Last month, he celebrated the restaurant's first anniversary and inclusion in the first-ever Michelin Chicago guide.

After the holidays, Levitski is taking some time off, which may or may not include more filming, he says coyly.

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